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This character exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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For the Sonic the Hedgehog character of the same name, see Frances (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)).

Frances (フランシス Furanshisu?), also known as Francine, is a character in the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. She is an adventurous human girl and one of Christopher Thorndyke's best friends.


Frances is a human girl with chin-length ginger hair, green eyes, and peach skin with freckles. At the age of eleven, she wears a light aqua shirt with a white trim and rolled up sleeves, deep coral overalls with gold buckles, red wristbands with a single yellow stripe, white socks, and red and white sneakers with yellow details and gray soles. At the age of seventeen, she gains neck-length hair and wears an aquamarine long-sleeved shirt under a green sleeveless shirt, rolled up beige pants with a brown belt, and brown shoes with shoelaces.



New World Saga

Frances was a part of Chris' class when they receive undercover G.U.N. agent Mister Stewart as their new homeroom teacher so he could keep track of Sonic and his friends through Chris and his classmates.[3] Frances was also among those who enjoyed been tutored by E-51 Intelligente after he threw out Mr. Stewart and took over the class, but when Dr. Eggman arrived and threatened to disassemble E-51 if he did not do as the doctor originally commanded, Frances was taken prisoner by E-51 until Sonic arrived to destroy him and free the class.[4] Some time after, Frances learned that Chris's mother was hosting a party where Sam Speed would appear.[5]

Frances and crew looking for the Chaos Emerald.

Frances soon joined Chris, along with Tails and Amy, when they traveled to Tingalin Villa in the X Tornado to locate the third Chaos Emerald, not realizing they were being tailed by Mister Stewart. Finding the crash-site of the Emerald, Frances and crew began digging for it. Unfortunately, they were soon attacked by Eggman and his E-35 Funfun. As Funfun unleashed its devastating winds on the heroes, Frances nearly ended up getting blown away, but was saved in the last minute by Amy, who kept her grounded.[6] Fortunately, Frances and her friends were saved when Sonic arrived and destroyed Funfun. However, Eggman still managed to steal the third Chaos Emerald and escape. In response, Frances and the others pursued Eggman to his fortress, which was besieged by GUN. During the assault, Frances got excited about the action. She soon after bore witness to how Sonic retrieved the two Chaos Emeralds in Eggman's possession before Eggman's base got destroyed by explosives planted by a GUN commando team.[7]

Chaos Emerald Saga

Frances meeting the Chao.

Frances eventually came along with her friends and Sonic's crew on a trip to the homeland of Mister Tanaka, led by Mr. Stewart. After Cheese got flushed down a river while Frances played with Cream in a pond however, Frances helped her friends search for it. Eventually, the group discovered a small passage through which they entered a Chao colony. There, Frances and the others were warmly welcomed by its residents. After they found Cheese and played with the Chao, they decided to return to Mr. Stewart. However, Dr. Eggman and his E-66 Da-Dai-Oh soon appeared. When the robot tried to attack the group however, it slid down the mountainside. Although that neutralized the threat, the robot would muddle up the river feeding the Chao colony. Frances and the others thus tried cleaning the pond where the Chao lived until Sonic came and did it for them. After that, Frances could enjoy the evening at a bonfire.[8]

When there was only one Chaos Emerald left to find, Frances would watch her friends take off in the X Tornado to look for it. The next day at school, Frances and Danny noticed that Chris was sad and seemed distant. They tried reaching out to him, but the boy said he would join them later.[9] Some time later, Frances was with Danny and Helen on a street corner, when they noticed the Egg Fort II pass overhead. Shortly thereafter, Sonic roared past them in pursuit of the flying fortress. Frances would soon after see Chaos Control unfold, which made her worry that Sonic and his friends were returning to their own world. However, this was not the case. Instead, a piece of Sonic's world ended up on Earth.[10]

Chaos Saga

Frances and her classmates cheering on Super Sonic

One day, while Frances was playing basketball with Danny and Helen. There, they managed to convince Mister Stewart to join them, showing that they had developed a friendship with him as their teacher. When Perfect Chaos launched his flooding of Station Square, Frances got evacuated from the school with Danny, Helen, and the other students. Mister Stewart joined them to usher them to safety, directly violating his orders from his superiors at G.U.N. to return to headquarters because of the situation with Perfect Chaos. Far away from Station Square later on, Frances would watch Super Sonic fight Perfect Chaos while cheering on the hedgehog.[11]

Shadow Saga

After Perfect Chaos' attack on Station Square, Frances would help carry supplies to the injured residents of the city. Despite Mister Stewart's heroism with staying with them to get them to safety from Perfect Chaos' attack however, Frances and the rest of her classmates soon learned that he had been transferred to another assignment. Frances would soon after say goodbye to Chris when his family had to move to the capital while their mansion was getting cleaned from Perfect Chaos' attack.[12]

Frances and her friends watching Super Sonic and Super Shadow's attempt to save the world.

Some time after, Frances was walking around town with Danny and Helen, all of them worried about Chris' latest absence. When Sonic then suddenly run past them, Danny was kept from pointing out Sonic in front of a policeman by Frances, since Sonic was a wanted fugitive at the time.[13] Soon after, Frances would watch Super Sonic and Super Shadow's attempt to keep the Space Colony ARK from destroying the Earth.[14]

Emerl Saga

Frances returning home from school with her friends.

Some time later, Frances, Chris, Danny and Helen were returning home from school while discussing Dr. Eggman's latest actions. On the way they joined Cream and Emerl. They soon after encountered Mr. Stewart, who soon spotted Dr. Eggman nearby. Although Mr. Steward promptly instructed Frances and the others to leave, the group initially complied, only to join Mr. Stewart in his car and convince him to let them join him on his hunt for Eggman. During their pursuit of Eggman, the group eventually arrived in the sewers. There, the heroes got caught in a net by Eggman and imprisoned in Eggman's underground base. With the help of Mr. Stewart however, Frances and her friends managed to escape from the cell. When they then found themselves trapped in the base though, the group tricked Bokkun out of the sewers so he could inform their friends of their whereabouts. However, the group soon got attacked by Eggman and his Egg Spider. Fortunately, Frances and her friends were saved when Sonic and Rouge arrived and took down the Egg Spider with Emerl's help.[15]

Some time after, Frances would watch Chris and Danny fight in the Chaos Emerald Martial Arts Mash-Up tournament.[16]

Homecoming Saga

Frances and her friends saying goodbye to Amy and Cream.

Eventually, Frances learned that Sonic and his friends had to return to their world so that time would not freeze. This made Frances very sad, which she would show at school in the company of her friends. Later, Frances, Danny and Helen went to the place where the portal to Sonic's world was located. There, Frances said goodbye to Cream, whom she and her friends provided with a crow of flowers as a parting gift. Frances was later surprised to see Chris close the portal when Sonic had to go.[17] Chris then escaped with a blue hedgehog, but later allowed Sonic to return to his world.[18]

Post-Homecoming Saga

Frances as a young adult.

Six years after Sonic and his friends had returned home during Project Homebound, Frances and Danny would meet up with Helen and Chris to reminisce on all the good times they had with Sonic and his friends and hope that they would be able to visit them once Chris finished his work on the portal to Sonic's world.[19]

Metarex Saga

When Chris went to Sonic's world alone, Frances would help Helen and Danny with their attempts to get the portal to Sonic's world working again using the notes Chris had left them. However, they dared not tamper it. When Chris' parents arrived one day with a note from him, Frances, alongside Helen, Danny, and Chris' grandfather Chuck, assured them that Chris was fine over in Sonic's world.[20] Later, Frances tried helping her friends unlock the password to activate the portal. However, they were unable to figure out Chris' password. Although she had begun to miss Chris, who had made no effort to contact them, Frances still decided to call it a day and left with Danny.[21]

Archie Comics


Frances is a good student and a very successful person. She is a cheerful and energetic girl who thrives on dangerous excitement that would leave her other classmates feeling ill.[1][7] She is happy to take on any challenges and is very decisive. In some situations though, she is very careful and cautious, usually when she has to look after her friends.

Powers and abilities

Frances is energetic and intelligent.


Christopher Thorndyke

Chris is one of Frances's close friends, since she helps Sonic and the team. Frances is seen as a tomboy and likes to make fun of Chris. Regardless, they remain close friends.


Danny is another of Frances's close friends. Although she likes to tease Danny, the two of them remain close friends and are often seen hanging out with each other.




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