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Sonic Shuffle
Fourth Dimension Space

Fourth Dimension Space (四次元宇宙[1] Shi-jigen uchū?), also referred to as Fourth Dimension,[2] is the fifth and final board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


Fourth Dimension Sonic Shuffle.jpg

Fourth Dimension Space is the realm where the dreams of everyone are stored. Upon arriving by airplane, Sonic and co. discover that the whole domain will cease to exist unless Void is stopped, so they set out to gather the remaining Precioustones.

The entire board is built on the inside of a giant sphere with stars flying about and the pathways being a labyrinth, making traversing a tricky affair. Falling stars will periodically bop random characters on the head and accompany them. A player with a star must return it to its rightful home in one of the constellations to qualify for an Emblem. This is the only quest that can be performed more than once per game.

If the player comes first, the next cutscene is shown, followed by the final cutscene, and then the credits roll.

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  • This is the most graphically intensive board in the game, so much that the already-excessive load times that Sonic Shuffle is infamous for are made longer.


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