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Four-way Cannon Cavalcade is the fifth and final Challenge Act of Crisis City Act 2 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the modern era and is playable only as Modern Sonic.


This Challenge Act takes place in a modified version of the section that is reached after the fourth Point Marker in the original Crisis City Act 2. It features nearly the same path layout shown in the aforementioned section, but now the player has to use a network of Four-way Cannon to proceed forward instead of Springs. The networks of Four-way Cannons in this Challenge Act usually have moving iron balls around them, which the player must avoid hitting, or they will fall. In this Challenge Act, all types of Iblis's Minions appear, and there is only one Point Marker.


When using the Spring at the starting point, the player will be sent into a network of Four-way Cannons. The easiest way to cross this section is to follow the direction the path of Rings of each Four-way Cannon leads to, and wait for the moving Spiked Balls to move away. After going up from the last Four-way Cannon of this network, the player should reach the peak of the skyscraper by a Dash Ring. A combination of this Dash Ring's boost and a Jump Dash are enough for the player to reach the highest route of the skyscraper, which has a yellow Time Bonus placed on it. However, if the player chooses to not to use this route, they will have to cross the route of Iblis Biters below it instead. These two routes are actually in 3D, and the player can move freely in them so it is better to watch out not to go down to a Bottomless Pit.

After crossing either of the mentioned paths, the player will reach a route filled with nine Explosion Traps, which must be crossed using a series of Four-way Cannon placed in a row. However, the player must be very wary as the Explosion Traps there (especially on the ground) burst very quickly. After this route, the player will encounter an Iblis Biter and an Iblis Taker that bursts quickly from the bottom of the screen. The player can use this Iblis Taker to reach a yellow Time Bonus found on a small platform above them. After these Iblis's Minions, there will be a wide fiery area with three Iblis Takers that constantly attack the player. The only way to cross them is to use the moving platforms above the area to go up.

After crossing the first and only Point Marker in this act, the player will be sent to a bottomless area, with the only way to cross it being the network of Four-way Cannons, which also include some moving iron balls. The player must follow the direction the green arrow that appears at each Four-way cannon to safely cross to the other side (However, between the last five Four-way cannons is a yellow Time Bonus, so the player should go in the opposite direction that the middle Four-way Cannon's green arrow points to in order to get it). After this network, there comes a section filled with Spiked Traps on the ground and Explosion Traps on the ceiling, which the player must avoid by using another set of Four-way Cannons. In the same location, there is also a blue Time Bonus that can be collected from the ceiling. The rest of the Challenge Act from this point is crowded with many Iblis Worms, Explosion Traps and Spiked Traps. As such, the player must time their movements with the Explosion Traps' bursts, attack the Iblis Worms, and use the Four-way Cannons along the way to reach the Goal Ring in time.

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