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The Four-way Cannon is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a type of Cannon that can shoot Sonic in the four cardinal directions.


Akin to the Cannon, the Four-way Cannon's purpose is to shoot Sonic through midair to another location. As its name implies though, a Four-way Cannon can shoot a user in either the upward, downward, leftward, or rightward direction.

Unlike the Cannon, Sonic must jump or fall into the Four-way Cannon to provoke an action. Once inside it, Sonic curls up into a Spin Attack. A green arrow will then appear to direct the player, who must tilt the movement controls in the direction the green arrow is pointing in and press XboxA.png/PSXButton.png. The Four-way Cannon will then align its rings in the shape of a barrel and launch Sonic in the designated direction.

Should the player shoot Sonic in the wrong direction, he will be launched with much less force. Similarly, if the player waits for too long to fire, then Sonic will fall out of the Four-way Cannon. Inside a Four-way Cannon, Sonic can be attacked, and will fall from it should he be hit. It should be noted however, that if Sonic is shot into an enemy, then said enemy will be defeated. However, Sonic is not immune to attacks during this process.

The Four-way Cannon appears exclusively in Act 2 of Rooftop Run, Planet Wisp, Crisis City, Speed Highway, Chemical Plant and Seaside Hill. It is also the main gimmick of the Four-way Cannon Cavalcade Challenge Act. When a four-way cannon appears, it usually indicates a shortcut.


  • This gimmick is very similar to the Accelerator Gun as they have the same attributes.




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