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Ok. If anyone has any Sonic poems u can post them here and you can make it as long as u want, so let ur mind wander and post some poems.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Movin’ at the speed of sound

Fastest hedgehog around

Got yourself in a situation

Stuck in a new location

Without any explanation

No time for relaxation

Started in 1991

The 2D games and Unleashed are very fun

Sonic ’06 was the worst game ever made

And it really disgraced the name

Black Knight made the fans want more

Your enemy was the great but corrupt King Arthur

SA2 gave Sonic a new form

As it introduced his rival Shadow, the ultimate lifeform

Sonic 2 made the problem tougher and more chronic

And to combat this problem it gave you a transformation called “Super Sonic”

Sonic Heroes made the problem less chronic

The final boss was not Eggman but Metal Sonic Sonic CD had new modes

It also first introduced the Peel-Out, Metal Sonic, and Amy Rose

Knuckles’ Chaotix had zones and problems which are hard to pass by

As the final boss wasn’t Metal Knuckles but Metal Sonic Kai

Shadow The Hedgehog was not the game for bores and snores

It was the first game to have real guns, blood, and curse words

Sonic 1 was as fun as a dog with a bone

As giving us the most famous stage called Green Hill Zone

Sonic 3 & Knuckles was two games in one and had cool graphics

It gave rise to Knuckles, the Super Emeralds, and “Hyper Sonic”

Sonic Unleashed was the game that brought Sonic out of the bog

Cause in this game Sonic transforms into a Werehog

Sonic Rush was for the DS with a cool theme called “Wrapped in black”

And you could play as a pyrokenetic character called Blaze the Cat

In Sonic Riders, you use hover boards to race your foes

It also gave us new rivals called the “Babylon Rouges” Sonic the Fighters made the fans go “Woo” And the final stage is the Death Egg 2

Sonic Battle is just like Sonic the Fighters But with a good storyline it is much better To continue Sonic Riders was Zero Gravity

As it goes into the depth of the Babylon Rouges’ history

Sonic Rush Adventure continues from the first and is way past cool

As you have a new ally named Marine the Raccoon

There are some shows involving Sonic I must confess

And the most recent one was Sonic X

Sonic 3D Blast has a bit more difficulty

Because your goal is to save a group of birds called Flickys

Secret Rings had the Erazor Djinn who tried to destroy the 1,001 Arabian Nights

I hope your go with a Wiimote ‘cause your in for one heck of a fight

SA1 introduced a character who is both the guardian of the Master Emerald and your enemy who is named Chaos

With the transformation of Perfect Chaos looks like Super Sonic will once again save us

SegaSonic for the arcade introduced us to Mighty

He is a super strong armadillo who makes Knuckles look wimpy

In Sonic Labyrinth, Robotnik forced the Blue Blur to wear super slow boots

So no one gave this game a whoop

In Sonic Chaos (Sonic & Tails in Japan) Robotnik stole a Chaos Emerald which threw the whole world out of whack

And the plot of this game is to get it back Mario has been Sonic’s rival since ’91

Even today, fans are arguing which is more fun

Sonic Advanced 2 was the game that really had it

Because it introduced two characters named Vanilla and Cream the Rabbit

Another factor from ’06 that made fans really mad

Was that Sonic moved slowly which was really bad

this poem is some i made not too long ago. i hope you like it. :-P--Sonic & Scrab Master 01:07, October 17, 2009 (UTC)



DiscoDuck – ----DiscoDuck The Original
TALK – 13:49, June 14, 2010 (UTC)
I got a poem as well:

Sonics running so fast, he got no automatic gear

That single wush that the world would hear

When hes going quick there is a gale or a breeze

As no-one is a match especilaly Cream and Cheese

I like to play Sonic Riders

you know no gunners and glides

When he goes zoom and flash

he would make just others look like trash

Oh, when he is fused in a socket

He goes faster than a rocket

Im scrapping knuckles

Im catching a tail

No matter when he chuckles

There aint no fail

Launchballer Sucks, Launchballer sucks, Launcballer sucks, YEAH!

User:Mighty the Hedgefox/Talkbubble 3

Faster than the eyes can see

When bad dudes see him they all flee

Now were roll'n around

Keep yo feet off the ground

Then came Amy Rose

But Sonic stuck up his nose

With Miles Prower

They go 10,000 per hour

And that annoying Knux

Makes me want to upchucks

Lastly there's Eggface

Making stuff all over the place

Ya I think that's all

Now I'm off to the mall.

User:Mighty the Hedgefox/Talkbubble 3

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