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Will there be a "Sonic X" Season 414:26, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
Who is a real Hero?14:25, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
What's your favorite Sonic and/or Mario game and character? (and why, if you want)14:24, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
If Sonic '06 DXed?08:17, June 6, 2018FANDOMbot
Does SEGA have ideas of giving Shadow a Werehog form?08:13, June 6, 2018FANDOMbot
Feet10:13, August 28, 2017Ultrasonic9000
What does wolf sonic look like?18:07, August 26, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Should Silver be used in more games20:12, August 3, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Is the tails doll curse real???18:55, July 26, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Why do people think Tails Doll is creepy? Is it because of his bleeding eyes?18:55, July 26, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Sonic Sound Test Wiki Request23:01, January 14, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Is Knuckles afraid of anything?22:58, January 14, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Where Is Shelly?01:15, December 11, 2014WikiaBot
Adventure Fields11:34, September 12, 2013Ultrasonic9000
Sonic vs Rainbow Dash10:17, September 7, 2013Supermorff Bot
How to edit on tablets?22:34, September 4, 2013Bullet Francisco
Does Sonic have a father20:00, August 18, 2013Mystic Monkey
What about Sonic's brother? My friend told me about him. He's faster than Sonic, and older.18:25, August 13, 2013BlueSpeeder
Sonic Boom cartoon?13:59, August 9, 2013Le Solace
Sonic's parkour?00:53, August 7, 2013Mystic Monkey
Is there a way to remove blog posts?11:37, August 6, 2013Ultimate Silver Fan
I'm getting scared.17:38, August 1, 2013Ultrasonic9000
What is a Edit War and Block Times21:44, July 13, 2013Sonamyfan666
Halloween?09:18, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Launchballer's burger09:16, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Does Silver have Asperger syndrome?09:14, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Do you think if Tails was his original age, he could marry Rouge?09:13, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Can you talk to sonic online?09:13, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
New editor problem08:32, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Zones in TF2?08:22, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Stage Collectibles15:24, July 4, 2013Mystic Monkey
How can you make a sonic character info page16:55, June 29, 2013Supermorff
Should Sonic be more emotional?10:52, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Archiving Main-Space Talk Pages10:44, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Where can i get sprites for my sonic sprite comic?10:32, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Are they going to make a new game that has a Chao Garden?10:22, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Have you ever wondered?10:22, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Why is Amy always stalking Sonic?10:14, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Least favorite Sonic/Mario game and/or character?10:12, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Does sonic love princess elise?10:12, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Character Ages? (Archie Comics)10:42, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Is there an ice using Sonic character?10:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Team Freedom10:37, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Black Knight Part 210:34, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Just the background10:25, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Why is there so much cursing in Shadow the Hedgehog?08:52, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
How do you create templates?08:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Do any of you guys go on facebook?08:40, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Wiki Origin08:40, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Do any of the Sonic characters have mental problems or issues?08:39, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Archie Game?19:36, June 20, 2013WikiaBot
Inclusion of Wreck-It Ralph07:52, May 25, 2013Supermorff Bot
Dark Sonic vs Super Scourge07:46, May 25, 2013Supermorff Bot
Re-adding the chat rules link21:05, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Boss20:19, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Summer zones20:12, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonia and Manic in games?20:09, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Upcomming Sonic movie?09:06, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
MediaWiki Upgrade Bug List08:48, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
PC Mega Drive Classics08:31, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Knuckles Nike Sponsorship Trivia?08:30, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Is Shadow the Hedgehog Profesor Gerald's son?08:30, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
My new wristwatch08:26, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Categorizing conflict08:26, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Dreamworld08:26, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Categories08:23, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
How do I request correction edit to a locked page?08:21, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Whitch is a better Tails couple08:02, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Who do you think would win? The Black arms or the Metarex08:02, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Tails twin tails08:00, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Who is allowed to Merge articles?07:41, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Fan Character Article11:22, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Why dont they have Sonic and Tails have a relationship? I think that it would be quite interesting on how that would work out.11:21, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Favourate level10:32, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Top Content tab and Featured Article09:37, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Fandom forums09:36, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Could Silver be related to Sonic?22:01, May 14, 2013AlexTheUltimateInovator97
Where did people get the idea that the Tails Doll could kill people or eat their soul?20:06, May 2, 2013Genesjs
Does shadow have a crush on amy?19:51, May 2, 201399.159.29.242
Backwards Songs05:55, April 15, 2013Doomslicer
Does Sonic marry Amy?09:58, March 3, 2013Mystic Monkey
Sonic Generations is not saving20:16, February 26, 2013Sandubadear
Chao Garden Help19:02, February 25, 2013Mystic Monkey
Chaos = Magic ?01:25, February 8, 2013Mystic Monkey
Is Sonic adventure 3 coming In the near future?02:30, February 6, 2013SilverPlays97
Your Star racer21:19, February 2, 2013Supermorff Bot
Can anybody identify these video game tunes?21:19, February 2, 2013Supermorff Bot
Fastest hedgehog no more?19:55, December 21, 20122.217.156.92
Fancraft Moderators15:12, October 22, 2012Supermorff
Autostereoscopy13:43, September 29, 2012Mystic Monkey
Where to find Sonic Channel 3D artwork18:13, September 3, 2012Ultrasonic9000
The name of that character....15:50, August 30, 2012Supermorff
Sir Percival's Soul Surge18:49, August 18, 2012Myself 123
Can't find a page21:45, August 16, 2012Mystic Monkey
Are any of these possible???19:36, August 13, 2012Genesjs
Final Color Blaster11:17, August 9, 2012TheAwesomefroggy
Time Line Altered?10:16, August 8, 2012TheAwesomefroggy
How do I make a Profile Picture?00:01, July 15, 2012Foodbandlt
Ancient Aliens13:26, June 8, 2012Mystic Monkey
Can I become an admin too?12:53, June 3, 2012Supermorff Bot
In sonic colors final boss how does eggman use the drill wisp22:20, June 2, 2012GraveEclipse567
Wiki Bots? How are they made?09:22, June 2, 2012Bionicleboy3000
NPC art style15:40, May 22, 2012Mystic Monkey
Plz help what is this19:51, April 29, 2012Mystic Monkey
About the Chao Forums14:15, April 22, 2012Supermorff
How do I get a chao?14:14, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Why didn't Unleashed have a Chao Garden?14:14, April 22, 2012Supermorff
How do you get a chaos garden14:14, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Do you think that Sonic and the Black Knight will have a Chao Garden??14:14, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Can you make character-based Chao on Sonic Adventure 2 Battle?14:13, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Why do chao appear with Silver, Blaze, Knuckles, and Big?14:13, April 22, 2012Supermorff
I can't get my chao to breed in Sonic Adventure! Why not?14:13, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Will they return?14:12, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Chao based on fan characters14:12, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Buildings of The Knuckles Tribe04:26, April 20, 2012ILuvShadow
Sonic's Age?06:04, April 7, 2012Willaca
Where does Sonic Actually Live?21:41, April 5, 2012Bionicleboy3000
User templates09:33, April 1, 2012Pinkolol16
He come to town...17:02, March 11, 2012Eycestar
Generally Confused about Sonic Generations' Ending11:56, March 7, 2012Time Biter
Why does everyone hate the Shadow the Hedgehog game?08:42, January 15, 2012184.11.34.96
Obscure Knuckles Comic19:14, December 21, 201194.174.6.169
About the hidden screen04:26, December 1, 2011Mystic Monkey
Sonic dvd series01:31, November 5, 2011Mystic Monkey
Sonic's Past00:53, November 5, 2011Mystic Monkey
Who is Mighty the armadillo00:43, October 25, 201124.0.113.201
Use of the Forums12:09, September 2, 2011Supermorff
Are sonic and shadow and silver brothers20:30, August 27, 201199.195.251.192
Charity Auctions01:43, April 26, 2011Mystic Monkey
Is Sonic Chronicles 2 really going 2 come out in late 09?02:11, January 25, 2011Mystic Monkey
What we would want in a new season of Sonic X?17:26, January 8, 2011Mystic Monkey
Gear dissapointment?13:27, November 10, 2010Mystic Monkey
My set preferences23:33, September 22, 2010Mystic Monkey
A thought occured to me20:43, September 7, 2010Blacknred
Sonic Colors20:36, September 7, 2010Blacknred
I got a Question about the ending scene of Sonic Unleashed21:38, August 20, 2010TheBlueBlur713
When does Knuckles's storyline take place in Sonic 3 & Knuckles?16:14, August 20, 2010TheBlueBlur713
Sandopolis19:00, August 6, 2010Mystic Monkey
How do you think the sonic series will end18:06, July 22, 2010Chaosfreak
Holy crap!18:57, July 12, 2010Myself 123
SNN staff FAQ21:58, June 21, 2010Multiverseman
Red Mystery01:15, June 21, 2010Mystic Monkey
Where is the next summer of sonic going to be?17:47, May 26, 2010Mystic Monkey
How do you upload voice files?03:25, May 22, 2010Sonicrox14
How do you put articles for your fanon character into your profile?02:37, May 20, 2010Sonicrox14
Robo-Robotnik's home world...03:51, May 18, 2010Mystic Monkey
School23:24, April 8, 2010Admiral Leviathan
Shadow the Hedgehog - multiple acts?17:26, March 29, 2010Mystic Monkey
You and Sonic?22:37, March 8, 2010Mystic Monkey
Theme of Emerl18:04, February 27, 2010Mystic Monkey
Why does 4kids ruin Sonic X?21:36, February 26, 2010Cheetahfly
I was thinking23:31, December 19, 2009Mystic Monkey
Does anyone think Sega should use the new Werehog thing to bring new depth to Sonic's character? Like as in emotions and personalitly wise23:18, December 7, 2009Sonic & Scrab Master
What's the matter with Jason Anthony Griffith?02:11, November 15, 2009Sharnathehedgehog
How fast can Shadow run without his skates?05:15, November 1, 2009Sonicrox14
Does Wave love Jet?14:53, October 27, 2009Launchballer
Why is there multiple endings in Shadow the Hedgehog?10:43, October 27, 2009Slug-Drones
How 'bout a roleplaying forum?10:00, October 27, 2009115.64.174.200
What is the sonic timeline?20:00, September 29, 2009Kagimizu
Sonic X character06:59, September 19, 2009173.30.136.230
Why do people dislike Sonic the Hedgehog 06?01:52, August 30, 2009Yoyoddd
Sonic x ... bar?!19:03, August 24, 2009Cheetahfly
Should there be a Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (next generation)?14:27, August 10, 2009Mystic Monkey
What do you think the next mainstream Sonic game will (or should) be like?08:01, July 23, 2009Launchballer
Has anybody thought of Blaze from Big?13:45, July 6, 2009Mystic Monkey
Wii problems...HELP?18:54, July 2, 2009Mystic Monkey
Manic, sonics brother or son?23:32, June 30, 2009Cheetahfly
Dancing hedgehog...23:23, June 30, 2009Cheetahfly
There's a lot of debate over whether or not Shadow's a robot.18:16, June 27, 2009Launchballer
Why is Miles "Tails" Prower so young?19:43, June 26, 2009Launchballer
Favourate controls00:49, June 22, 2009Mystic Monkey
How can you answer other people's questions?00:02, June 22, 2009Mystic Monkey
Why don't Sonic kiss Amy?21:57, June 21, 2009Sonic the Hedgehog!
Naruto similarities03:41, June 21, 2009Shady the Hedgehog
Can anyone help me with this game please?21:25, June 20, 2009Sonic the Hedgehog!
Why should there be "Fan Character Games"?19:33, June 18, 2009Nahum the Moonhog
Shadow's Past and Present00:01, June 17, 2009Mystic Monkey
Big the Cat in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games?17:15, June 16, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Is EliseXChris on the pictures at, June 8, 2009Mystic Monkey
Why do people like sonamy better than other sonic girls21:40, June 1, 2009UltimateShadow
I AM A SILVAZE FAN!!!Does silver and blaze love each other?10:34, June 1, 2009Blazecream18
I'm in need of help deciding team names.05:33, May 27, 2009Launchballer
SNN arena01:11, May 24, 2009Mystic Monkey
What's up with Link (Character)?!23:31, May 14, 2009Mystic Monkey
Needing Help For My Sonic Fan Charr Wiki10:15, May 13, 2009FlammerTheHedgehog
Will sonic start dating amy01:07, May 11, 2009Altha the hedgehog
Amy & silver01:56, May 10, 2009Sonic&amy
Chaos/Sol energy20:24, May 4, 2009Mystic Monkey
Where can i watch the JAPANESE edit02:08, April 30, 2009Mystic Monkey
Drag queen bots00:19, April 27, 2009Mystic Monkey
Can anyone give me tips?00:16, April 24, 2009Mystic Monkey
Quick question.22:56, April 23, 2009Husain12
Badge16:45, April 21, 2009Myself 123
Seriously wat is after black knight?18:17, April 20, 2009Milotheechidna
Should we have a sonic fan story section on SNN?00:01, April 14, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Shadow the Hedgehog: Mentaly Unstable?12:40, April 11, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Any new game coming soon?23:26, April 8, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
What the name of the japanese song at the end of Sonic X?22:34, April 8, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Rollar coaster wimp...12:19, April 4, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
Alternate forms20:49, March 31, 2009Mystic Monkey
Stuck on rooftop run19:44, March 30, 2009Mystic Monkey
Rosey or amy, which is it?22:39, March 28, 2009Mystic Monkey
Special Stage20:42, March 26, 2009Mystic Monkey
What do u the next Sonic Story book series will be00:45, March 24, 2009Mystic Monkey
Is she blind?!01:54, March 23, 2009Sonic Blur
Do the echidnas have mouth beards?22:07, March 22, 2009Mystic Monkey
Whats after black knight?19:43, March 22, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
A quick question on an MMOG idea of mine01:11, March 19, 2009Mystic Monkey
Does blaze die in sonic the hedgehog?06:02, March 18, 2009Flashfire212
Dexter01:19, March 9, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
What about chip!!!20:51, March 8, 2009Myself 123
Why doesen't sonic comfort tails in the last episode of sonic X19:52, March 8, 2009Rainbowroad6w
Mephiles16:23, March 8, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
Banged up18:11, March 7, 2009SLJCOAAATR 1
Umm... weird...17:20, March 7, 2009SLJCOAAATR 1
Umm... i guess i am weird17:16, March 7, 2009SLJCOAAATR 1
Umm... weird16:57, March 7, 2009Mystic Monkey
... help...15:55, March 7, 2009Myself 123
Umm... am i weird...12:12, March 7, 2009Valerie the Voxai
Sorry but...18:18, March 6, 2009Mystic Monkey
Whats wrong03:03, March 5, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
How do you get a wepond from Nocturnus for G.U.N.01:16, March 5, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
How do you get a weapon from the nocturnus clan for G.U.N?22:31, March 4, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
Dan Green10:00, March 4, 2009Myself 123
Knuckles21:16, March 2, 2009Mystic Monkey
Knux19:08, March 2, 200968.199.254.130
Is this funny?22:25, February 28, 2009SLJCOAAATR 1
How do you make your user page noticeable?18:00, February 28, 2009Rainbowroad6w
Why do their mouths dissapear?05:00, February 28, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
What is this, 'New Series' I see on some articles such as Tail's bio? Is this fake? If not, what is it?12:52, February 20, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
What's with all the Chaos Control?01:53, February 18, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
Who made many mistakes on Mighty's profile?21:22, February 17, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
Could any One explain the story of the "Tails Doll"...19:33, February 15, 2009Mystic Monkey
Why doesn't Shadow have a sequel?22:12, February 14, 2009Shadow the hedgehog 23
Who can be the Eggman? (Actor for Robotnik)05:58, February 9, 2009Flashfire212
When could Amy turn invisible?05:56, January 22, 2009Flashfire212
In sonic and the secret rings02:34, January 20, 2009Flashfire212
Dothey have any tv shows or magazines where sonic is in a serious relationship?02:27, January 20, 2009Flashfire212
Is there a name for the world that Blaze rules?02:13, January 20, 2009Flashfire212
In the end of sonic and the secret rings (****spoiler****)23:40, January 18, 2009Blue Light
How many glitches can there be in Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis?12:53, January 18, 2009Blue Light
How do you make the shart bio text visble?17:21, January 15, 2009Shadow the hedgehog 23
Who wants to be part of sonic and inside of them?23:42, January 14, 2009Shadow the hedgehog 23
What game would u rather sonic unleashed OR sonic and the secret of the rings?02:28, January 10, 2009Blue Light
The tails doll curse:Real?17:11, January 3, 2009Alexrd
Unlock Sonic Chronicles00:34, December 16, 200867.86.154.252
Do you think sega will make a sonic game that is ground breaking....00:49, December 12, 200872.178.84.237
Will Sonic be able to recapture it old glory?22:10, December 7, 2008Mystic Monkey
Who is Cosmo i know the fairly oddparents Cosmo but who is the sonic the hedgehog cosmo22:08, December 7, 2008Mystic Monkey
Why is tails doll only in 1 sonic game?02:44, November 30, 2008Mystic Monkey
Mobius/Earth Theory21:14, November 26, 2008Mystic Monkey
Could Cosmo ever come back to life?23:13, September 2, 2008Mystic Monkey
What is this new TV series thats on a bunch of articles here?19:15, August 26, 2008Scythethehedgehog
Stop ripping me off.23:20, August 20, 2008GameMaster2K5
Who is making ludicrous game listings (ex:shadow the hedgehog 2, silver the hedgehog, sonic the hedgehog 2 (2009) etc.)18:27, August 14, 2008RayxCreamMaker
Call me old fashioned...17:09, July 29, 2008Mystic Monkey
Is it possible that in Sonic Unleashed that a day-and-night system will have important role in the story? By the looks of it, it seems interesting to me that this will have a dramatic effect on the plot.23:23, July 27, 2008Mystic Monkey
Sonic Convention14:01, July 17, 2008Mystic Monkey
Can Female Seedrian's True form which is a Giant Tree Make Offsprings and give Birth to Offsprings known as Seedrians?01:07, July 14, 2008Jarrydm23
Seson 2 and 3 of sonic x is sonic adinvrue dream cast and sonic adventure 202:57, July 6, 200874.241.129.203
Is it possible to IP ban someone. It's desperatly needed.18:39, June 7, 2008CSD
What is your "film" about, SilverBlaze?07:05, June 7, 2008SilverBlaze
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