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Sonic Free Riders?15:14, November 20, 2018SilverPlays97
Wreck-It-Ralph14:26, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
Sonamy fans come HERE (DAWN!)14:23, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
Roger Craig Smith14:18, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
Mighty fans, come here!14:15, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
1,000,000 Edits14:08, August 16, 2018SilverPlays97
Sonic the Hedgehog GameTap Retrospective08:13, June 6, 2018FANDOMbot
Summer of Sonic 0911:21, June 29, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Stores from the Special Zone (Top Ten Sonic Zones)17:32, May 18, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Records16:58, January 15, 2017Ultrasonic9000
Anybody??????16:57, January 15, 2017Ultrasonic9000
SNN Facebook Page23:03, January 14, 2017Ultrasonic9000
SNN Christmas 201201:19, December 11, 2014WikiaBot
MaSatOG trailer/convo01:13, December 11, 2014WikiaBot
Happy holidays all on SNN01:12, December 11, 2014WikiaBot
New Sonic X Abridged series!19:53, September 5, 2013Mystic Monkey
The Future of Archie Sonic22:36, August 31, 2013Ultimate Silver Fan
DYK21:54, August 31, 2013Shadowunleashed13
7000 Articles!19:09, August 19, 2013BlueSpeeder
Sonic Unleashed Day Boss theme02:57, August 19, 2013Mystic Orb
I had a cool dream last night...20:06, August 18, 2013Mystic Monkey
Conspiracy theory21:30, August 13, 2013Mystic Monkey
Sonic's First Life?????20:47, August 13, 2013BlueSpeeder
Operation Music16:10, August 13, 2013BlueSpeeder
Hello. I'm new, so can you tell me a little bit about Sonic?18:09, August 1, 2013Ultrasonic9000
What is Shade?09:16, July 25, 2013Ultrasonic9000
Button Templates17:01, July 13, 2013Supermorff
Sonic Heroes Template17:18, July 12, 2013SilverPlays97
Sonic Boom (Possible new animated series in the works)23:36, July 7, 2013Mystic Monkey
I have returned!09:21, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
SNN Update09:21, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Remove09:20, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Have I been forgotten yet?09:17, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Cream shouldn't have been a playable character in the first place08:51, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sad sonic music?08:22, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
Now that I think about it...08:18, July 6, 2013Supermorff Bot
A Sonic Movie22:30, July 4, 2013Mystic Monkey
I'm seeing a pattern10:33, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic on GameFAQs10:31, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Tails doll curse10:31, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
A new (but nostalgic) 'venture10:30, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Chronicles Chaos10:22, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
You know what i just realized?10:22, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Top 510:16, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Rules10:15, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
I've noticed something...10:15, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Happy 19th Birthday Sonic!10:14, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Hey, I'm realizing that a lot of people besides me have a crush on characters10:14, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Boosting, your oppinion?10:14, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Grab A Chilli Dog! After All You Are A Sonic Fan!10:13, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic/Mario Crossover Game10:12, June 29, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Generations Coincidence22:25, June 28, 2013Mystic Monkey
Happy 22nd Birthday Sonic!21:07, June 23, 2013Mystic Monkey
Sonic Racing Giveaway *UPDATE*12:36, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
The Links are back12:34, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
IGN hates the Sonic series08:52, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Are you a gamer?08:42, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Tails Doll08:42, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
I just got a crazy idea08:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
E3 and Sonic 408:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Adventure Download?08:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
I've noticed tht we r the only wikia who actually WRITES in the forums08:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Colors!?08:41, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Poems08:40, June 23, 2013Supermorff Bot
Did anyone find Sonic Spinball Disturbing?17:26, June 18, 2013Mystic Monkey
Help me15:37, June 15, 2013Wiki Invader
GET THIS...15:31, June 15, 2013Wiki Invader
Robotnik Family Tree?22:32, June 12, 2013Mystic Monkey
All-Stars VS Smash Brothers20:12, June 11, 2013Shadowunleashed13
Sonic vs Goku22:24, June 6, 201374.232.112.217
Happy Birthday Sonic20:46, May 31, 2013Supermorff
Eddie Lebron's Sonic Fan Film08:18, May 25, 2013Supermorff Bot
Summer of sonic 201207:57, May 25, 2013Supermorff Bot
Local Multiplayer problem21:08, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
No more eggman20:34, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Operation:Sub change20:34, May 24, 2013Supermorff
What could have been...20:23, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de20:17, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
Oh, hi there!20:12, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
What Are Your Favorite Coples?20:02, May 24, 2013Supermorff Bot
How to make this Wiki more LP friendly08:33, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Misc08:31, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Fixing Pages08:29, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Featured User Delay08:28, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Theories: Sonic Generations08:03, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Wikians Vs. Socialians07:50, May 19, 2013Supermorff Bot
Mastrestunt's Lv 99 hero chao11:22, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Administration of this Wiki11:21, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
The Sonic wiki needs a rewrite badly!11:21, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
So...10:34, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
Sonic Adventure 2 finally coming to XBLA09:31, May 18, 2013Supermorff Bot
The White Knight15:33, April 13, 2013Mystic Monkey
Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed Nack as DLC07:23, November 26, 2012Arkingu
Possible New Sonic Games23:48, November 23, 2012Mystic Monkey
Projects16:14, October 22, 2012Supermorff Bot
Sonic Underground: Hidden message01:30, August 2, 2012Mystic Monkey
Sonic Game Idea Re:Sonic R12:27, June 17, 2012Mystic Monkey
Bring Green Hill Zone Back!17:59, June 4, 2012Mystic Monkey
Sonic the Hedgehog's timeline23:14, May 8, 201271.42.151.123
What Do You Think It Is?17:14, May 1, 2012108.202.154.81
Neutral, huh?20:29, April 23, 2012Mystic Monkey
CHEEEEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!16:42, April 22, 2012ILuvShadow
Chao gardens14:11, April 22, 2012Supermorff
Online Chao Game14:08, April 22, 2012Supermorff
I think sonic's being a bit harsh00:06, April 22, 2012Willaca
Strange background problem....23:39, April 21, 2012Willaca
Affiliation with Video Game Wiki18:02, April 21, 2012Supermorff
Chao Garden DLC04:03, March 28, 2012Mystic Monkey
Fake Emeralds03:52, March 28, 2012Mystic Monkey
Story Advice00:03, December 25, 2011BlazeChance1
Official pairings in sonic games12:06, December 24, 2011Pinkolol16
A reminder22:31, June 21, 2011Mystic Monkey
Will there be a Shadow the Hedgehog 2?20:29, May 17, 2011Imsosuperswell1
Make A Wish18:31, March 31, 2011Genesjs
I am creating a new Sonic Wiki03:09, February 26, 2011Rainbowroad6w
Long time, no see00:03, February 10, 2011Noodlecoon
Minor Glitch?05:38, January 26, 2011Sonicrox14
Newer Games10:46, January 13, 2011Supermorff
They are keeping Monobook18:43, November 5, 2010Supermorff
Ummm... Hello!?17:46, October 24, 2010Mystic Monkey
New Wiki Look00:22, October 23, 2010Mystic Monkey
Rule suggestions, anyone?03:31, October 20, 2010Admiral Leviathan
How do i arcoss the river16:30, September 28, 2010Supermorff
Over-sized Signatures17:49, September 16, 2010Supermorff
Grand Kingdom Adventure22:50, July 21, 2010Mystic Monkey
Sonic eats rings, huh03:54, July 8, 2010Sonicrox14
Give Peace A Chance04:06, July 1, 2010Sonicrox14
This is Spooky20:44, June 30, 2010SilversFollower
Caricatures00:35, June 21, 2010Mystic Monkey
Sonic X Japanese Ending03:23, June 8, 2010Dawnthehedgehog
Sonic sequels14:20, May 16, 2010Mystic Monkey
Your top 10 SU songs02:41, May 13, 2010Slug-Drones
A New Idea00:33, April 22, 2010Nahum the Moonhog
Termination03:57, April 11, 2010Cheetahfly
Temporary Leave of Absence18:20, March 12, 2010Milotheechidna
Fix the Wiki23:22, March 4, 2010Admiral Leviathan
Saving Sonic15:19, February 24, 2010Slug-Drones
IM PEEVED14:40, February 22, 2010BlazeRocks55
New Tales from the Special Zone, Sonic 4 and the ungrateful fanboys03:50, February 20, 2010BlazeRocks55
Fixed width main page19:30, December 29, 2009Supermorff
New Year's Awards19:28, December 23, 2009Mystic Monkey
Publicity17:28, December 23, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Trivia Rules18:45, December 18, 2009Milotheechidna
I'm new here (real decimic)10:10, December 13, 2009Supermorff
Funniest video game parody ever!01:18, November 9, 2009Sharnathehedgehog
Should they turn the archie comics into a cartoon?19:51, November 8, 2009Sharnathehedgehog
Sluggish Silver12:51, October 22, 2009Sonic & Scrab Master
Bring Sonic Underground Back!12:35, October 22, 2009Sonic & Scrab Master
Sonic 06 movie project13:55, October 20, 2009Sonic & Scrab Master
New 2D Sonic Game!! (No lying)23:43, October 18, 2009Milotheechidna
Top 1020:08, October 18, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Planning to join13:05, October 10, 2009Launchballer
Problems with becoming a user13:04, October 10, 2009Launchballer
Look!13:03, October 10, 2009Launchballer
I did it! And I'm gonna continue to as well.13:02, October 10, 2009Launchballer
I can find pictures13:01, October 10, 2009Launchballer
I am back!13:00, October 10, 2009Launchballer
A message for SLJCOAAATR 112:50, October 10, 2009Launchballer
The trivia sections need a serious clean up17:40, October 2, 2009Milotheechidna
Relocation16:58, October 1, 2009Mystic Monkey
New Admins and Bureaucrat19:53, September 30, 2009Launchballer
Meatpuppetry and Sockpuppetry18:02, September 25, 2009Launchballer
Sonic on Spore!18:04, September 6, 2009LordSHIFT
Drawings23:51, August 26, 2009Shadow the hedgehog 23
Anyone notice how Warrior cats and Sonic is similar?19:25, August 7, 2009Cloverfang
2000 Sonic influences22:51, August 6, 2009Noname the hero
Work not being done.21:35, August 6, 2009Mystic Monkey
Retarded Criminals…………20:53, August 5, 2009Noname the hero
Guess what?18:52, August 3, 2009Mystic Monkey
Sorry……08:57, July 30, 2009Launchballer
Wondering22:41, July 22, 2009Kagimizu
Sonic club signup11:22, July 22, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
For God's sake, man02:24, July 20, 2009Kagimizu
Articles on Crossover Characters08:12, July 17, 2009SuperTiencha
Knuckles voiced by Jason Griffith06:12, July 15, 2009Sonic, Shadow, Silver, Mephiles, Metal Sonic
Club talk17:30, July 5, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Sonic & Knuckles Collection: Save File Generator13:54, July 5, 200976.4.211.235
Continuities21:53, July 3, 2009Mystic Monkey
Happy Birthday, Sonic!23:47, June 30, 2009Cheetahfly
A hidden article on Sonic News Network17:53, June 26, 2009Launchballer
Another Sonic Movie?19:37, June 23, 2009Mystic Monkey
ATTENTION ALL USERS14:52, June 22, 2009Launchballer
Whats up with the lack of cheat codes on here?23:46, June 20, 2009Mystic Monkey
Unconscious Kissing00:36, June 18, 2009Sonic the Hedgehog!
Lee Carvello20:17, June 10, 2009Mystic Monkey
Another Alert15:35, June 10, 2009Milotheechidna
Image attribution templates16:18, June 9, 2009Zapwire
I'm off for the week16:10, June 9, 2009Mystic Monkey
Yay!22:59, June 7, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
YAY! it's my birthday!!!16:11, June 6, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Rumor Alert19:41, May 29, 2009Mystic Monkey
New Changes01:07, May 24, 2009Mystic Monkey
Interfaith disscussions02:47, May 15, 2009Mystic Monkey
Shad...22:00, May 8, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Testing09:10, May 7, 2009Mystic Monkey
Sonic Mobile Game (Dash Quiz)03:07, May 2, 2009Mystic Monkey
Chat(but nothing that is non- sonic related)01:42, April 29, 2009UltimateShadow
Sonic Adventure 2 review21:01, April 28, 2009UltimateShadow
Mario sonic olympics!!!!02:55, April 25, 2009SunsetTheHedgehog
Molten Mine21:42, April 23, 2009Milotheechidna
To those I owe fan art too01:01, April 23, 2009Mystic Monkey
Riddles, Jokes. and plain old fun!!!15:41, April 21, 2009Milotheechidna
Polls15:41, April 19, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Tails NEEDS to be 17!!!19:08, April 15, 2009Myself 123
Where have I been?14:16, April 15, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Testing 1...2...11:52, April 12, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Should we have or own IRC channel?23:39, April 10, 2009The Chosen One Of Fire
Dawnthehedgehog! "sonic x" sonic and tails22:57, April 9, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
So many red links10:14, April 8, 2009Myself 123
Death Egg Article01:02, April 8, 2009MasterTheif43
Happy April Fool's!01:51, April 5, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Taking Request now22:12, April 3, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Warning Template03:24, April 2, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Sonic the Hedgehog 222:28, April 1, 2009Myself 123
Official Transfer for me21:13, April 1, 2009Leon S. Kennedy 77
Sonic Unleashed Review up.11:09, April 1, 2009The Chosen One of Water
Check out my SBK review23:54, March 30, 2009MasterTheif43
WHOOO! back in action!!!!12:29, March 27, 2009Sonic Blur
What happened w/ water12:38, March 26, 2009Myself 123
Sonic Chronicles = Odyssey?23:42, March 25, 2009Mystic Monkey
HELP!! please ;(11:35, March 23, 2009The Chosen One of Water
Wow for this drawing17:04, March 22, 2009The Chosen One of Water
User badges - new feature20:27, March 21, 2009Bionicleboy3000
Nar!!! OVER HERE!! CHAT!!!21:16, March 20, 2009The Chosen One of Psychic
NiGHTS is just plan weird.....22:41, March 19, 2009Mystic Monkey
Storybook series leading up to one big main game?18:55, March 19, 2009MasterTheif43
HEHEH triple f01:10, March 18, 2009The Chosen One of Water
My script for the perfect Sonic Game00:52, March 18, 2009Sonic Blur
Special thanks20:32, March 14, 2009Rainbowroad6w
Aww Man20:27, March 13, 2009The Chosen One of Water
Help!01:14, March 13, 2009Mystic Monkey
ADMINS! ADMINS! URGENT QUESTION!!! kindoff02:26, March 11, 2009The Chosen One of Water
Game21:39, March 10, 2009Rainbowroad6w
How do u think "Sonic and the Black Knight" will be?01:16, March 9, 2009The Chosen One of Fire
Guys...00:36, March 5, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Should we have a Sonic History article in here?17:58, March 1, 2009SLJCOAAATR 1
Well i've had a craze about chracter creater creator, so i'm creating characters for everyone16:29, March 1, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
A protestant and/or Christian in the series.21:33, February 27, 2009Mystic Monkey
Mystic HERE. Check my page constantly plz, i keep uploading pics of cool stuff17:02, February 22, 2009Mystic Monkey
Why is everyone dissing Sonic 2006?02:20, February 19, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Who posts videos of sonic or the other characters on youtube.16:11, February 14, 2009Dawnthehedgehog
Unknown Characters05:08, February 13, 2009Flashfire212
Sonic Adventure Glitch05:20, February 9, 2009Flashfire212
THIS IS FOR NEW USERS03:44, January 30, 2009The Tails Doll Killer
Does anyone use the Fanon forums?11:30, January 24, 2009Flashfire212
Chaos energy06:41, January 22, 2009Flashfire212
Debug the Collection13:00, January 19, 2009Blue Light
Death Egg Zone in Sonic and Knuckles is mean.17:46, January 18, 2009Blue Light
Sonic Blast23:30, December 16, 20084.131.223.33
How do you add a new page?07:28, December 12, 2008Rbigsonicfan
Who added Yoshi?03:02, December 5, 2008Dawnthehedgehog
Introduction18:20, November 23, 2008SilentRider639
New Sonic game01:32, October 7, 2008Metallemmy
Tails Adventure 221:27, August 10, 2008Jarrydm23
New Article and an introduction to myself15:50, August 1, 2008Tizo The Hedgehog
Intro to myself20:17, July 29, 2008SilverBlaze
Fake Games19:20, July 10, 2008Nathan Speed
Someone continues to vandalise character pages.07:08, June 26, 2008Stumpers
Moar Banners!11:56, June 24, 2008Mystic Monkey
Sonic 2 glitch15:55, April 7, 2008Omegasonic0
Cosmo Updated17:49, March 25, 2008God180
Super Special Awesome New Idea15:21, February 16, 2008Supermorff
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