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Not to be confused with Fortress of Altitude.

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Sonic Boom
Fortress of Squalitude

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"Fortress of Squalitude" is the sixth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 22 November 2014 in both the United States and France.


When Dr. Eggman discovers that "Modern Lair Magazine" wants to do a spread on his evil lair he enlists Amy's help in sprucing up the place.



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Inside his lair, Dr. Eggman checks out his mail. He shreds all of them with Cubot, until he comes upon a letter that fills him with delight: his lair is being considered to be featured in the "Island Fortress" issue of "Modern Lair Magazine". According to the letter, a photographer's assistant will come the next day to do a site inspection, so Eggman sends Orbot and Cubot out to clean up the place. Despite Eggman's high expectations and preparations though, the assistant, named Gunther, cancels the spread when he arrives, having deemed the lair too old-fashioned. Eggman pleads for another chance, so Gunther gives him a week to redecorate. Because his own skills are inadequate though, Eggman reasons he needs help from an expert.

At Sonic's Shack, Amy is preparing a lunch with her friends, with the table and setting being made according to her own personal design. However, Amy feels that her efforts are unappreciated when she sees that while Sticks is helping (by digging a trench around the table and filling it with broken glass to prevent anyone from leaving), Sonic is sleeping instead of making fruit drinks, Tails has boosted the music's volume from soothing to deafening, and Knuckles is using a pair of raw pheasants as puppets instead of grilling them. Just then, Eggman shows up unannounced and explains in the face of Team Sonic's hostility that he wants to hire Amy to redo his lair. Amy, thrilled at someone wanting her talents in this field, accepts the offer despite her friends' warnings against working with Eggman; upset with them for not appreciating her skills and not wanting her to go with someone that might actually feel the opposite, she firmly states to them that she can handle herself before the two depart.

At the lair, Eggman gives Amy complete creative freedom for the magazine. She immediately gets to work, setting up new pillows, painting the walls with Orbot and Cubot, setting up curtains, adding plaid wallpapering and curtains in several places (Orbot and Cubot included), putting up a unicorn painting, scattering rose petals, adding laser light shows and dressing up Orbot and Cubot like angels; meanwhile, Eggman is doubtful of her designs. Eventually, Gunther returns, and despite Eggman's concerns over his silence, he is impressed with the changes and states that he will return with the photographer Diane Aardvark tomorrow. On hearing this, Eggman intentionally discredits Amy for her work and claims it as his own. Furious with Eggman's actions, Amy attempts to leave only to be trapped in a cage by the doctor, forcing her to be his designer forever; in a petty attempt at consolation, Eggman reminds Amy that he, and not her actual friends, acknowledges her talent.

Back on the beach at a horrible meal, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks admit things are not the same without Amy, so Sonic proposes they check up on her. When they get to Eggman's lair, however, Eggman claims that Amy has chosen to become his full-time decorator and wants nothing to do with her former friends before closing the door on them. While Knuckles is disappointed over this, Sonic does not believe Amy would abandon them permanently, so the four decide to investigate the lair for another way in. Later, still trapped inside the cage, Amy notices a bad smell before a hole is suddenly created in a nearby wall. It reveals the other members of Team Sonic, Sonic having created an entrance using Amy's Hammer; they had snuck in through the sewer lines to find her, explaining the bad smell. They free her from the cage, with Sonic apologizing to her for their behaviour earlier (to the best of his ability) before handing her hammer so she can lead the attack out of the lair.

In Dr. Eggman's office, Team Sonic come bursting through the door and face Eggman, with Amy officially announcing her resignation. The doctor summons his robots to handle them, but the heroes swiftly destroy them, tearing up the place in the process. At that moment, Gunther and Diane Aardvark from Modern Lair Magazine arrive and see the whole place destroyed. Diane fires Gunther for his selection and walks away while Eggman follows, begging her for a spot in the magazine. As Team Sonic takes their leave from the lair, Sonic cheers Amy up about how her designs did not get into a magazine by offering her to redecorate his shack, albeit under some restrictions, such as his coconut husk collection being off limits.


  • When Knuckles is eating a napkin, his iris' are darkened to near black. Tails, who responds to Knuckles, also had the same error in his right eye.
  • When Eggman comes in while Orbot and Cubot are polishing his boots, his mustache shrinks.
  • When Sonic is sleeping, his right arm is bent oddly.
  • When Eggman is about to blame Amy for the poor design, her irises are darker than usual.
  • When Amy gets trapped in a cage, the underside of the cage is solid, so Amy would have been hit on the head instead of being trapped.
  • When Sonic is handing Amy her hammer, he is dirty from sewage water, but when Amy takes her hammer, Sonic is clean.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Chinese 艾格曼基地大改造 Eggman Base Remodel
Finnish Sisustusurakka Interior Construction
French Décoration de l'extrême Extreme Decoration
German Fort der Extreme Fort of extreme
Hebrew מבצר הזוהמה Fortress of Filth
Hungarian Az erőd, mint modern vacok The Fortress as Modern Lair
Italian La fortezza del gusto The fortress of taste
Japanese エッグマンの改装計画 Eggman's Remodeling Project
Korean 실내 장식가, 에이미 Amy the Interior Designer
Persian امی در آزمایشگاه اگمن Amy at Eggman Labs
Polish Forteca nikczemności The Fortress of Wickedness
Portuguese (Brazil) Decorando o Covil Decorating the Lair
Portuguese (Portugal) A Fortaleza de Sordidez The Fortress of Sordidness
Romanian Fortăreața dezordinii The fortress of disorder
Russian Экстремальное преображение Extreme decoration
Spanish (Latin America) Fortaleza del mal Fortress of Evil
Spanish (Spain) Fortaleza de la Suciedad Fortress of Dirt
Turkish Farklı Bir Tasarım A Different Design
Ukrainian (Pixel TV) Фортеця досконалості Fortress of perfection
Ukrainian (PlusPlus) Убога фортеця Poor fortress


  • This episode aired the same day as "My Fair Sticksy".
  • This episode is famous for the scene where Amy asks Tails about the soothing music. Said scene spread across Vine, thus resulting in different music from the original scene.
  • This episode's English title is a reference to the Fortress of Solitude, the name of the place of solace, and occasional headquarters for, Superman in the DC Comics.
  • This is the first time Sonic is seen using Amy's Hammer.
  • The tickets for Eggman's roller coaster that Orbot gives to Gunther look like Fastidious Beaver's parking ticket from "The Sidekick".
  • The unicorn picture Amy puts up depicts six unicorns who bear a resemblance to the main characters from the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic television show.


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