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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
Not to be confused with Fortress of Squalitude, an episode of Sonic Boom (TV series).
Underground Fortress of Altitude

The Fortress of Altitude.

The Fortress of Altitude is Dr. Robotnik's most powerful creation in Sonic Underground. It is a giant flying fortress in the shape of an egg with eyes.


It is armed with many cannons, which can easily level an entire forest or village. The fortress is created with solid Mobibendum, a very strong substance that can withstand all of Sonic, Manic and Sonia's attacks with no damage at all. The metal weighs a ton, so making it fly would be impossible in normal circumstances, but Robotnik has managed to procure a rare Chaos Emerald to levitate it with tremendous ease, and the emerald also allows it to utilize the chaos energy to disintegrate any intruders who managed to infiltrate the fortress' hallways.


When Robotnik unleashed the fortress against the royal siblings, their attempts to retaliate were futile, and the forest they hid in was completely destroyed. They concluded that if the fortress is left as it is, it would completely wipe out the Resistance, leaving them no chance against the flying weapon of destruction. Robotnik then attempted to destroy Port Mobius for standing against him. When Sleet and Dingo interrupted him with over-flattering, he threatened to throw them off the fortress for interrupting his work, which led them to fear he would roboticize them for being no longer useful. They decided to rebel by stealing the Chaos Emerald from the fortress' engine room, thus causing the Fortress of Altitude to collapse into the ocean and explode.


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