The Formula M[1] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is Metal Sonic's racing car that is styled after his own appearance.


The default Formula M's body build resembles that of the Speed Star and a Formula 1 car. It features red headlights on the front wings are similar to Metal Sonic's eyes, two blue ears with yellow insides on the front and back of the car, and yellow tyres that look similar to Metal Sonic's torso.

Like other cars in Team Sonic Racing, its appearance can be customized with different paint jobs, performance parts and decals. Its horn can also be changed.



The Formula M's base stats in Team Sonic Racing.

In Team Sonic Racing, the Formula M appears as Metal Sonic's race car. In this game, its basic statistics show it has moderate boost handeling and speed, but low defense and acceleration. However, its statistics can be modified by replacing its parts. Its artistic design can also be modified.

During the events of the game, the Formula M was created by Dr. Eggman as a vehicle for Metal Sonic, whom the doctor recruited for his team during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix. The Formula M's ultimate fate after the crash of the Final Fortress, which destroyed all the other race cars, is unknown however.


  • The Formula M's name is a portmanteau of the words "Formula One" and "Metal Sonic".
  • The Formula M is one of the four race cars not created by Dodon Pa, the other three being the Egg Booster, Road Dragoon, and the Eggpawn cars.






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