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Sonic Free Riders
Forgotten Tomb

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These mysterious ruins, set deep in the woods, are lined with traps to keep intruders from uncovering their secrets.

— Course description

Forgotten Tomb is a track in Sonic Free Riders.


This stage is themed as a rocky canyon that seems to be home to an ancient civilization, featuring abandoned pyramids. The weather in this stage is rather cloudy. A river with murky water passes through the level. The level includes very long jumps and an inner bridge made of wood to pass through.

Missions (World Grand Prix)

Team Babylon - Forgotten Tomb Standard

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
7 Destroy at least 12 relics and cross the finish! Storm
  • B: 12-16 relics
  • A: 17-20 relics
  • S: 21 relics
8 Collect over 150 Rings within the time limit! Wave
  • B: 150-249 Rings
  • A :250-349 Rings
  • S: 350 or more Rings
9 Place 1st after one lap! Jet
  • B: 1:30>
  • A: 1:30-1:26
  • S: <1:26
10 Beat Sonic to the goal! Jet
  • B: 4:30>
  • A: 4:30-4:16
  • S: <4:16

Team Dark - Forgotten Tomb Expert

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
7 Get at least 23 points before reaching the goal by performing tricks! Rouge
  • B: 23-29 points
  • A: 30-37 points
  • S: 38 or more points
8 Pass each gate within the time limit and reach the goal! E-10000B
  • B: <5:00
  • A: 5:00-10:00
  • S:10:00>
9 Grind 5 or more times and cross the finish line! Shadow
  • B: 5-6 grinds
  • A: 7-9 grinds
  • S: 10 grinds
10 Place 1st after 3 laps! Shadow
  • B: 5:10>
  • A: 5:10-5:00
  • S: <5:00


  • In the Grand Prix cutscenes, there is a pink ball resembling Tikal from Sonic Adventure. The pyramids in the track resemble Lost World, also from Sonic Adventure.
  • In real-life, this track resembles the Mayan temples in Mexico.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
Theme of Forgotten Tomb 3:44

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