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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Forest Ridge Zone Campground,[1] also known as the Zone Park,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is an outdoor area in a forest region on Sonic's world that serves as a camping ground for different people. It is managed by an anthropomorphic bear ranger.[1]


The Forest Ridge Zone Campground is an outdoor area divided into at least ninety-seven sites, where people can camp overnight using tents, campervans or caravans. The campground also has a few wooden huts visitors can use as residences. The heart of the Forest Ridge Zone Campground itself is a roundabout with a tall rock in the center, various campsites scattered along its roads (both inward and outward), a small river with a short waterfall running along one side of the area where people can fish and swim, fire rings on various sites for campfires, benches, and a couple of crosswalks on the roads. Also, bushes and pine trees dot the heart of the campsite. At the entrance to the campgrounds is a wooden reception where the campground's ranger welcomes and informs visitors of current regulations.[1] The Forest Ridge Zone Campsite also has paths for cars, but they are not designed for heavy traffic.[2]

Surrounding the camping ground is a large region dominated primarily by conifers and other evergreen trees. According to Sonic, the Forest Ridge Zone Campground also has wonderful wildflowers that are unmatched during a certain time of year.[1]

Being situated in a forest area, the Forest Ridge Zone Campground also has fire regulations in place to prevent wildfires in the surrounding forest.[1]



Amidst the Zombot apocalypse, the Forest Ridge Zone Campground was affected by the Metal Virus during the winter season. Since the Metal Virus turned the area's flora into metal plants that were not able to absorb water, it left the plants more vulnerable to forest fires during the subsequent seasons after the Metal Virus was removed.[1]

Imposter Syndrome and Trial by Fire

The forest surrounding the Forest Ridge Zone Campground on fire, from Sonic the Hedgehog #45.

Needing some rest and relaxation, Amy arranged a trip to the Forest Ridge Zone Campground for herself, Tangle, Jewel and Belle. Upon arriving there though, they found it awfully busy as a result of the many campers visiting it at the time. They were also introduced to the new fire regulations by the campground's ranger since the region was so dry as a result of the Metal Virus pandemic. However, the ranger's explanation was cut short by a prank made by his son, Ashe, and Red Hot. Setting up camp, Amy and her friends tried to enjoy a campfire during the following night, but recent events had left high tension among them. To lighten the mood, Amy tried predicting each of her friends' futures, but that did not go so well. Later at night, Belle went for a walk, only to accidently get knocked out by a friendly Motobug.[1] A forest fire at the Forest Ridge Zone Campgrounds was soon after started by the newly-arrived Surge and Kit in an attempt to kill Amy and her friends, leaving the campground in chaos.[1][2][3] As everyone scrambled to leave, Amy, Tangle and Jewel woke up and met up with the ranger, who was looking for Ashe. It was then decided that Tangle would look for Ashe while Amy and Jewel helped the ranger.[1]

The ranger explained to Amy and Jewel that the spreading fire and small roads made a mass-evacuation from the campgrounds unadvisable. Jewel suggested coordinating everyone, but found it difficult since everyone were scared. As the campers and ranger's arguments and accusations grew more heated however, Amy got everyone's everyone's attention and tried reasoning with them. As demands were made for a plan though, Amy handed the organization efforts over to Jewel. After Amy then gave the self-conscious Jewel the confidence to try, the latter had everyone work on getting the elderly and children to safety and protecting themselves and the rest of the forest by containing the spread of the fire by digging fire trenches. Meanwhile, Tangle found Belle and the Motobug. All three of them then tried to find Ashe. Upon finding Ashe, he told them a bit about who started the forest fire. On their way out of the forest however, the group dodged a falling tree that caused the cliff which they were walking along to collapse, sending them falling into a ravine.[2]

Landing in the ravine's river, the group found a log to hang onto. Once secure, the group would make it to the campgrounds via the river, where Ashe and Red Hot were reunited with Ashe's father. While Amy and Jewel were reunited with Tangle and Belle was well (while also meeting their Motobog companion), the fire was still spreading. However, when Jewel came up with an idea to stop the fire, her friends decided to join forces to help realize it. As such, while Jewel and Belle went to work directing the campers, Amy and Tangle would temporarily dam the local river, making it overflow long enough for its waters to quench much of the forest fire and prevent any remaining fires from spreading further. As the girls celebrated however, Tangle told Jewel that she was quitting the Restoration. Regardless, Jewel understood why Tangle wanted to do it, and permitted it. Ashe's father later went to check on the burned remains of the forest. Finding footprints, he would report to the firewatcfh that they were right about the fire being no accident.[4]


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