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Foreman Krag (クラグ族長 Kuragu zokuchō?, lit. "Patriarch Krag") is the foreman and leader of the Kron race, introduced in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. He is mostly tasked with keeping the miners and factory workers happy.


Thousands of years ago on his homeworld, Planet Kron, Krag ruled over his people with an iron fist, but was one day trapped inside the Twilight Cage, along with with his people and their civilization. Some time after arriving there, Krag and his people were invaded by the Nocturnus Clan, but Krag refused to give into their leader Imperator Ix's demands. The Kron were eventually conquered by the Nocturnus Clan and Krag was forced into a life of servitude for the Nocturnus Clan. The "gritty taste"  of the life as a slave caused a change in Krag, and he became a fair leader over his people.

He used to have an alliance with Imperator Ix, but after a long time, Krag ended the alliance. Sonic the Hedgehog helped Krag out of the alliance, so Krag gave Sonic and co. a Chaos Emerald.

Krag also set up the meeting with the N'rrgal, Zoah and Voxai to invade Nocturne. He commented that they were in war with Ix, and that Sonic liberating the Kron factory would accelerate this war. At one point, the player can have Sonic comment that they did not want a war, to which Krag answers that there already was one.

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Foreman Krag (Archie)

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Krag is a Kron and the leader of the Kron inside the Twilight Cage.



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