Forcejewels, also referred to as Force Jewels, are objects that appear in Sonic Shuffle. They are special gemstones found in Maginaryworld that are used in gameplay.


Forcejewels are used to grant various advantages and disadvantages during play, such as use of cards and chances on the roulette. There are many ways these jewels can be collected. The primary ways are:

  • Winning/finding them in Events.
  • Winning a Battle Space against normal enemies.
  • Obtaining them as a prize in certain Mini-Games.
  • Obtaining them from Eggman while selecting some of Eggman's evil inventions.
  • Winning them in certain Mini Events.
  • Winning them in a stage Accident.
  • Buying them in the Jewel Shop space.

Forcejewels can be used for advantages as well as disadvantages against your opponents. However, some gems may backfire on the user. Some jewels like Carbuncle and Blockite activate automatically, while other jewels can disable opponents' abilities such as the ability to use Forcejewels.

Name Image Description
1 Force March One Force March Force one player to move 1 space on the next turn.
6 Force March Six Force March Force one player to move 6 spaces on the next turn.
Barrier Amber Barrier Amber For 5 turns, creates a barrier so other players can't pass you.
Battle Ruby Battle Ruby Changes the ring and event spaces into battle spaces for 4 turns.
Blockite Blockite Protects you from the effects of the other players' Forcejewels.
Carbuncle Carbuncle A fairy who loves to eat Forcejewels. (And has a huge appetite).
Chamelionite Chamelionite Transforms into a random Forcejewel, and uses its power immediately.
Curse Opal Curse Opal Annoy another player--spin the roulette to see who your victim will be.
Deletite Deletite Spin the roulette to destroy one player's Forcejewels.
Duplichaos Duplichaos Transforms itself into a different Forcejewel.
Fivealive Fivealive You can move 5 spaces for 5 turns, but you can't use a Forcejewel.
Foolmoon Foolmoon Spin the roulette to swap your high card for another player's low card.
Geasdain Geasdain Spin the roulette to choose one player to move 6 spaces for 3 turns.
Hi-Speederald Hi-Speederald Use 3 cards for movement or battle.
Hypnotite Hypnotite Spin the card roulette and throw away all cards with the same value.
Lose Quartz Lose Quartz Changes the battle, event, and plus ring spaces into minus ring spaces for 4 turns.
Low Moonstone Low Moonstone Lessens the power of the Precioustone, and weakens the monsters.
Magnifire Magnifire Increase one player's area on the roulette.
Maharajite Maharajite Use the roulette to swap your low card for another player's high card.
Max-Speederald Max-Speederald Use 5 cards for movement or battle.
Medium Medium Teleports all players to the space you're on.
Packlite Packlite Prevents all players from reaching the Precioustone for 3 turns.
Preciousite Preciousite Spin a card, and if you roll a 1, you'll jump straight to the Precioustone.
Reducite Reducite Reduce one player's area on the roulette.
Ringidium Ringidium Changes the battle, event and minus ring spaces into plus ring spaces for 4 turns.
Shield Quartz Shield Quartz For 4 turns, no one else can use a Forcejewel.
Shuffire Shuffire Shuffle and redistribute everyone's Forcejewels.
Sonic-Speederald Sonic-Speederald Move 30 spaces in a random direction.
Speederald Speederald Use 2 cards for movement or battle.
Stopnite Stopnite Block off a space for 3 turns so the other players can't pass.
Swap Jewel Swap Jewel The roulette will decide the player you will switch places with.
Teleport Ruby Teleport Ruby The roulette will decide who you will be teleported near to.
Thief's Eye Thief's Eye Spin the roulette to choose a player to steal a Forcejewel from.
Transfire Transfire Spin the roulette to see who will be teleported to a random space.
Turbo-Speederald Turbo-Speederald Use 4 cards for movement or battle.
Warp Crystal Warp Crystal Randomly teleport to a different space.
Warponite Warponite All players will be teleported to a random space.
Wastone Wastone Spin the roulette to force one player to use a Forcejewel on their next turn.

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