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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
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The Forbidden Zone[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a desolated and dangerous region serving as the resting place for an elderly being known as Lazaar.


The ruined part of the Forbidden Zone.

The Forbidden Zone is located just next to Robotropolis. Its area is fenced with high walls that have barbed wire at their top. The walls have a breach in them though, through which one can enter the Forbidden Zone. Most of this area is occupied by ruins reminiscent of ancient Greek buildings. The most important part of Forbidden Zone however is the lair of the wizard Lazaar, which is located in a barren wasteland and looks like a metal structure resembling a monster's mouth. The entrance to Lazaar's lair is protected by round pools from which tentacles with pincers sometimes emerge in order to pull in intruders. The very entrance to Lazaar's lair can also crush intruders with its jaw-like opening.[1]

The interior of Lazaar's lair.

Inside Lazaar's lair is a cave with various trap. In one place, the entrance tunnels splits into three roads: the first road is protected by a rotating drill, the second road is protected by a flamethrower, and the third road is protected by metal claws. Following that, one will encounter a broken rope bridge across chasm with large medieval weapons, such as swords, maces and axes, swinging above it. In additon, just before reaching the resting place of Lazaar, the floor will be protected by lasers. In Lazaar's resting place is a bed-like capsule in which Lazaar hibernates in. There is also a pedestal for Lazaar's Computer; if that is removed, it will set off an alarm. In addition, the entire Forbidden Zone is patrolled by Lazaar's Guardian who is ready to destroy all intruders.[1]


TV series


In the past, the wizard Lazaar settled in the Forbidden Zone and fell into a deep sleep where he dreamed for centuries. To safeguard himself, Lazaar left behind his guardian who would protect his master from intruders who could harm him.[1]

Season one

Lazaar asleep in his lair.

One time, Sally tried escaping from a Swat-Bot by running into the Forbidden Zone. There, Lazaar's Guardian destroyed the Swat-Bot, but allowed Sally to walk away. When Dr Robotnik later learned about the existence of the wizard Lazaar, who slept in the Forbidden Zone, he went to the Forbidden Zone's entrance and convinced the guardian to let him enter the Forbidden Zone and Lazaar's lair, secretly plotting to steal Lazaar's Computer. At the lair, Robotnik first sent his Swat-Bot in to trigger the traps. While the Swat-Bot survived a meeting with the tentacles in front of the fortress, it got crushed by the jaw-like entrance to the lair. Robotnik proceeded to enter the lair himself. Meanwhile, Sonic entered the Forbidden Zone himself to get Lazaar's Computer too.[1]

Along the way, Sonic skipped past the lair's tentacles and slipped through the lair's entrance in the last moment. Inside the lair, Sonic wondered which fork in the tunnel he had to take when he was attacked by Lazaar's Guardian. However, he managed to trip the guardian with a Super Spin, which he then used to dig through the wall, into another corridor. In the meantime, Robotnik reached Lazaar's resting place and stole his computer, triggering an alarm. Robotnik proceeded to quickly leave the Forbidden Zone while Sonic crossed the lair's broken rope bridge that was protected by swinging weapons. After that, he slipped past the floor lasers, before arriving at Lazaar's resting place. By the time he arrived however, Lazaar was already awake. Lazaar proceeded to lock Sonic in a bubble, believing that he had stolen his computer. Eventually though, Lazaar agreed to let Sonic get his computer back, but not before he took Sonic's speed away with his magic as a safety precaution. After Sonic recovered the computer, he handed it over to Lazaar in Forbidden Zone with Sally and Bunnie by his side and regained his speed. Lazaar and his guardian then said goodbye to the heroes and returned to Lazaar's lair, which promptly shrunk until it disappeared from the Forbidden Zone.[1]

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