The Fog Machines are devices built by Dr. Eggman to spread the Phantasmal Fog in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games' story mode on the Nintendo 3DS.



The fog machines have egg-like shapes, and are mostly red, grey, yellow and black, with four standing legs. At the top of each fog machine is a spewer with a fan inside that spreads the fog. At the top is a bulb that must be broken in order to disable/destroy the machine. This contains the fog and the power source.


Though only one was seen, Eggman said he created multiple fog machine holograms to help hide and protect the real ones. Wario fell for one, since it looked exactly like the machine itself.

Features and abilities

The main purpose of fog machines was to spread the Phantasmal Fog, which they received from the Master Fog Machine. Fog machines were shown to not have any defense abilities, and it is unknown why Eggman did not design a defense system.

Guards and Destroyers of the Machines

Fog machines had no defense abilities, which is why they needed guards. Most of the fog machines' guards were Bowser's minions. Imposters appeared in the fog every time, but were not the real guards of the machines.

Guards and Destroyers

After Wario destroys the last machine, the skies are clear again. However, Eggman and Bowser create more fog than before from inside Big Ben by using the Master Fog Machine. Mario, Luigi, Sonic and Tails then team up to defeat them.


  • Since these machines are the source of the fog, the fog is much thicker around it.
  • When a fog machine is destroyed, three legs are destroyed and detached. Also, it leans to one side, and the top is broken.
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