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Not to be confused with Flying Pot.

Sonic Forces
Flying Pod

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Flying Pod (フライングポッド Furaingupoddo?) is the first extra stage in Sonic Forces. It is unlocked after collecting twenty-five Red Star Rings, and is playable only as the Sonic the Hedgehog and Shadow the Hedgehog (with the Episode Shadow DLC).


Flying Pod takes place across a large section of Lost Valley.


Flying Pod is played entirely from a 2.5D side-scrolling perspective. In terms of layout, this extra stage is a straight path with a number of twists and turns.

Throughout Flying Pod, the player is pursued by an increasing number of Sprinklers. These Badniks will either follow the player around from midair or suddenly appear before the player and hover in a stationary position. As it is customary for Sprinklers, these Badniks will constantly spew out objects; most of them will spew out iron balls for the player to ram into while the rest will spew out Rings. Sprinklers also cannot be destroyed, although hitting them will make them spew out a Ring.

Aside from Sprinklers, the player will also come across spikes and breakable Containers blocking the player's path. It is also common for Sprinklers to intercept the player above bottomless pits so the player will be caught off guard by their attacks and fall into the pits below.


When Flying Pod begins, run to the right. Along the way, a iron ball-dropping Sprinkler will briefly follow the player. Once the player arrives at a wall of Unbreakable Containers, two more iron ball-dropping Sprinklers will appear. Slip under the aforementioned wall and cross then the bottomless pit on the other side via the local plaforms while watching out for iron ball-dropping Sprinklers.

After the player gets past another wall of Unbreakable Containers, more iron ball-dropping Sprinklers will appear along the road the player must take. At the end of that road, the player has to scale a vertical wall of Unbreakable Containers with a Pulley. Once at the top, the player only has to get past some spikes and another bottomless gap with Sprinklers flying above it in order to reach the goal.


  • Flying Pod is the only extra stage that does not have a number in its name.


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Lost Valley" Tomoya Ohtani 2:37

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