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For the regular attack, see Kick. For the Nintendo 3DS version of this move on Sonic Lost World, see Somersault.

The Flying Kick,[1] or simply the Kick,[2] is a technique that appears in the HD version of Sonic Lost World. When using this move, the user kicks enemies and projectiles in midair.


When performing the Flying Kick, the user dashes towards an enemy or projectile and immediately hits it with a midair kick while dealing damage. Enemies or projectiles hit by this attack will then be sent flying away in the direction the player kicked it until they touch a surface. If another enemy is caught in the path of the enemy knocked away by the Flying Kick, they will both be defeated.

This move is sometimes the only means of defeating enemies which cannot be defeated by the Homing Attack. Badniks such as Crabmeats or Tarantulas will block anything else and deal damage to the user unless they use the kick to lower their defenses first. There are also enemies that require a partially or fully charged Focused Homing Attack but can be defeated by a single kick, such as Antlions. The move can also be used on certain projectiles to deflect them back, such as shelled bombs dropped by a golden Ball Hog or Zor's missiles in the Silent Forest Zone 2 fight. However, Flying Kicks have no effect on certain enemies, such as giant Caterkillers or bosses (with the exception of Zavok when he is guarding during the Sky Road Zone 4 boss fight in the HD version).

To perform this move, the player must approach a Badnik. When close enough to the enemy so that it is locked-on, the player must jump and press the following buttons:

Wii U PC
Keyboard Xbox 360
Xbox One

If multiple enemies are locked-on at once, the enemy closest to the user will be targeted.


  • The Crabmeats in Lava Mountain Zone 3 can be taken out with a Homing Attack, whereas the ones in Tropical Coast require the user to use the Flying Kick to lower their guard first or they will take damage.


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