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This move exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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The Flying Gordito Smasher is a move that appears in the Sonic X comic series. It is a move utilized by Dr. Eggman when he took the guise of "El Gran Gordo".


The Flying Gordito Smasher takes advantage of the charges supplied to Dr. Eggman by his mini-robots. This grants him much greater mobility than in his normal state. However, Eggman has also displayed the ability to use this technique without the need for trickery. With this technique, Eggman climbs up on to the ropes of a his wrestling ring and jumps onto his opponent.[1]


Archie Comics

When he was losing in his wrestling match against Andes the Ginormous, Dr. Eggman managed to pull off a win using this technique despite not using his mini-robots to power himself up.[1]


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