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Sonic Underground
Flying Fortress (transcript)

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This is a transcript of the Sonic Underground episode, "Flying Fortress".

[The Sonic Underground theme song plays]
Aleena (narrating): When the sun is shining and the day is beautiful, even the bravest of us need to get away from our troubles. But we must never forget that doom hangs above our heads...
Sonia: [sighs] This is the life! Sun, surf... and no old Buttnik to worry about. We needed a little rest and relaxation... [a frisbee soars past] Huh? [Sonic speeds along] Hey! You're getting me all gritty!
Sonic: Uh! [yawns] Hm. Okay, gotta go! [catches the frisbee] Do I really think I can beat myself? Course I do! Try catchin' this one!
Manic: [strains] Phew! Whoa, jackpot! My day has just been made in the shade. Can you dig it? Two Mobiums! [Sonic approaches fast] Ahh!
Sonic: [wolf whistles] Fan-cy! [the frisbee hits him in the head] Oof! Hey, who's the wise guy? Oh yeah, I'm the wise guy. [a shadow covers them] Okay, who turned out the lights?
Sonia: Uh-oh! Something tells me we've got a Buttnik on the horizon.
Sonic: Bail, sibs! [gets covered in sand] [coughs] Looks like our vacation's just been sandblasted!
Manic: Well, at least it's not a total loss.
Sonia: Heads up! They're getting ready to fire again!
Robotnik: Blast Sonic and his siblings back to the pre-Mobian age! [laughs heartily]
Sleet: Excellent shooting, your rotundness. Dingo and I should have no trouble scooping up those hedgehogs for you.
Robotnik: Oh, why bother? My Fortress of Altitude can take care of a trio of troublesome hedgehogs without your help!
Sonic: We'd better grab the van and vamoose outta here! [gets in the van and drives into a forest] This forest oughta give us some protection. No way they can see us under these trees!
Sonia: That did it! Nobody messes with the forest!
Sonic: Whoa, the armor on that thing must be solid mobibindum!
Manic: Mobibindum? That weighs a ton! How could Buttnik make it fly?
Sonic: Maybe it's time we find out just what makes that Buttnik-ugly thing tick! [stands on a bent tree] Ready for launch! [Manic and Sonia send him flying] Blast off! [flies through a cannon barrel and traps a SWATbot in it] Hey, get a load of this!
Robotnik: FIRE!
Sonic: If I could just find the energy reactor to this jalopy, then I could stop Buttnik in his tracks! Hmm... now if I were a reactor, where would I be? [runs around] Hmm. [runs again, seemingly lost] Hm... must have taken a wrong turn.
Sleet: What is that blurry camera on Deck 212? [Dingo pushes him down] Hey!
Dingo: Maybe it's busted.
Robotnik: Maybe you're defective! My fortress is perfect. It must be! I designed it myself.
Sleet: That explains the round shape.
Dingo: [sniggers]
Robotnik: What are you laughing about?!
Sleet: Nothing, sir! [Sonic rushes past on the monitor] It's blurry again!
Robotnik: You must be seeing things! But just to show you what a nice guy I am, we'll just do a little house-cleaning, just in case. [pushes a button] I designed my fortress with an invincible defense system. Watch and learn.
Sleet and Dingo: [gasps]
Dingo: [gasps]
Sonic: That doesn't sound friendly. [sees the energy field] Huh? [gasps] It looks even worse! [runs away towards a wall] Uh-oh! Dead end! How about a little Sonic Super Spin? [breaks out of the fortress; screams as he finds himself plummeting] Out of the frying pan and into mid-air!
Manic: Huh? [grabs his hoverboard] I'll get ya, bro!
Sonic: Manic! Goin' my way, bro? [collides with Manic] Uh!
Manic: Hang twenty, bro! You finished fast. Did you disable that tin can?
Sonic: Uh, not exactly. [SWATbots emerge from the fortress] And we've got company!
Sonic and Manic: [gasps]
Sonic: Incoming! Hang on, bro! [a SWATbot blows the board away] Whoa!
Manic: Wipeout!
Sonic: MANIC!
Manic: Hop on, bro!
Sonic: Aaargh!
Sonia: We may need to hide in that cave! [guns down two SWATbots] Come on! Buttnik's getting ready to fire again! [the fortress approaches and she screams]
Manic: Incoming!
Sonic: Ugh, ugh, ugh!
Robotnik: Cease fire! There's nothing left to destroy. Least of all Sonic and his meddlesome siblings.
Sonia: This is horrible! That Buttnik's destroyed everything!
Manic: Yeah! All we got now is a lifetime supply of toothpicks.
Sonic: The Resistance won't stand a chance unless we knock Buttnik's flying fortress out of the sky.
Sonia: Okay, but how? You were up there and you couldn't stop him!
Sonic: I know, but we gotta crash that flying fortress before Mobius is trashed!
Manic: Yeah, but man, we don't even know what makes that thing fly.
Sonic: I was run out of there by a big wave of green energy. Oh yeah, emerald green! Maybe Buttnik's gotten his hands on a Chaos Emerald!
Sonia: Can't be! If he did, then that would mean...
Manic: The Floating Island will have fallen from the sky!
Sonic: And if Buttnik had destroyed the Floating Island, we'd have heard about it. Could there be another Chaos Emerald?
Sonia: He'd be able to tap almost unlimited power! We'll need help getting to that fortress's engine room.
Manic: And there's only one person I know who can handle a Chaos Emerald.
Sonic: Time for a little post-vacation trip.
Knuckles: Floating Island to unknown aircraft. Identify yourself. [looks at the radar] Hm, looks like a Robotnik-built flying SWATbot!
Sonic: Oh, I can't believe I let you talk me into flying in this patched-up bot!
Manic: Chill, bro! It'll get us to the Floating Island, no prob.
Knuckles: Arm all anti-aircraft systems. Fire at will!
Manic: Whoops! Problemo, sibs! They've locked on to us. Wish this bot had a radio.
Sonic: Just fly friendly. They won't shoot us down if we're not hostile.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonia: I don't think they know that.
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: Whooaa!
Sonic: I've got an idea.
Manic: Oh, like your last one was just so good(!)
Knuckles: Cease fire - they're friendlies!
Sonic: Phew!
Sonic, Manic and Sonia: [gasps]
Sonic: It's good to have solid ground under my feet. [looks over the edge] Almost.
Knuckles: Sonic? Manic? Sonia? What are you doing here? You could've been blasted to bits!
Sonic: Yeah, thanks for almost blowin' us outta the sky(!)
Manic: The round dude's built himself one seriously bad flying fortress!
Sonia: And we think it may be powered by a Chaos Emerald.
Knuckles: A Chaos Emerald?!
Sonic: Yeah, is it possible that more than one Chaos Emerald exists?
Knuckles: They're rare, but if Buttnik's got his hands on one, he could be unstoppable!
Sonic: That's why we need your help, big guy!
Knuckles: I'd like to help, but my first duty is to protect the Floating Island. I can't go chasin' all over Mobius! I gotta take care of my own people.
Sonia: Hey, wait a minute! You're a part of Mobius. If it goes, so does your precious island!
Manic: True, and you're the only dude who knows the skinny on Chaos Emeralds.
Knuckles: I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.
["No One Is An Island" plays]
Knuckles: All right, enough! I'll do it! I'll help you.
Sonic: I knew you couldn't resist a good Buttnik kickin'!
Knuckles: Flaps: check! Rudder: check! Tires: check! Oil: check!
Athair: Knuckles...
Knuckles: In a minute. Extra little bags of in-flight peanuts: check!
Athair: Knuckles, listen to me.
Knuckles: All right, already! I'm all ears. [turns around] Great grandpa Athair! Is that you?
Athair: You must not leave the Floating Island.
Knuckles: Why? But I promised my friends! Buttnik has to be stopped!
Athair: Great grandson, you have been warned. If you leave the Floating Island, all of Mobius could be destroyed. The fate of Mobius is in your hands.
Knuckles: Great grandfather, what can I do to protect both Mobius and my friends?
Athair: There may be a way. The future can be changed. The fate of Mobius depends on your decision.
Knuckles: Great grandfather- [Athair vanishes] Wait! Don't leave!
Manic: Yo, who are you talkin' to, Knuckles?
Knuckles: Ah, er, no one. Hope I'm doin' the right thing!
Sonic: Then let's haul haunch!
Robotnik: Prepare to obliterate Port Mobius! They'll see what happens when they turn against Robotnik! [heads towards SWATbots] Stand by for bombardment on my command!
Dingo: Y'know, those Port Mobians only sided with you because of us.
Sleet: Yeah. We rigged up that fake sea monster.
Robotnik: You two have had so many failures, it's hard to keep them all straight! Interrupt my work again, and I'll have you tossed off the fortress while we're still in the air! [returns to monitors] Ah, now where was I?
Sleet: Robotnik thinks he doesn't need us anymore. And you know what happens to people he doesn't need!
Dingo: Er... no, what?
Sleet: He roboticizes them. Where have you been? It's time for us to act.
Dingo: Okay. But I won't wear a girly costume.
Sleet: Come on, you flea paradise!
Robotnik: What is it now? An unidentified aircraft?! How dare it approach my fortress!
Knuckles (tape recording): Request emergency landing. Request emergency landing. Request emergency landing.
Robotnik: Certainly. We'll give you a warm welcome - a very warm welcome indeed! [pushes a button] BLOW HIM OUT OF THE SKY! [the turrets shoot the plane down] Welcome to my Fortress of Altitude! [sinister laugh]
Knuckles: Ready to dig in?
Sonic: We're behind ya all the way.
Knuckles: Now all we have to do is find the Chaos Emerald.
Manic: What's that thing do?
Knuckles: This is a Chaometer. It tracks the energy from a Chaos Emerald, and there's one on board all right! Follow me.
Robotnik: That's impossible! How did they get aboard my fortress?!
Knuckles: Whoa, this Chaometer's going crazy! Something's coming...
Sonic: Uh-oh. Could be that green stuff that chased me before. We gotta get outta here!
Knuckles: Stand back!
Sonic: Whoa!
Knuckles: There's a Chaos Emerald under us... through about a Mobius mile of mobibindum.
Sonic: So what are we waitin' for? Do your stuff, Knuckles!
Sleet: I never knew blowing up SWATbots could be so much fun! With the Chaos Emerald in our hands, Robotnik won't dare try to get rid of us!
Dingo: Good thinking, Sleet!
Sleet: If nothing else, he won't have his precious fortress anymore, and he'll need our help again!
Knuckles: This is bad! Residual energy's high, but it looks like somebody's already swiped the Emerald!
Sonia: Whoooaaa!
Manic: [gasps]
Knuckles: Without the Chaos Emerald, this fortress is sunk! We'll drop like a rock into the Mobian Sea!
Sonic: Into the... [gulps] sea?
Robotnik: Those hedgehogs must have stolen my Chaos Emerald! SWATbots! Reach for a crash landing! [sees Sleet and Dingo on the monitor, fleeing] Ooh, those rats! Deserting the sinking ship! [the fortress begins its fall] Someone is going to PAY FOR THIS!
Everyone: Arrrgh! Aaaarrggh! [the fortress hits the ocean] Whoooaaa, oof!
Manic: Man, that was some ride! At least Buttnik's overgrown beach ball was trashed and crashed.
Sonia: But we didn't take the Chaos Emerald!
Sonic: Yeah! So who did?
Sleet: Now we've got the power, instead of Robotnik!
Dingo: Yeah. Just wait 'til we're in charge!
Sleet and Dingo: [laughs]
[The credits roll]