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This object exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Flying Egg[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series. It is a one-person, multi-purpose hovercraft used by Dr. Ivo Robotnik as his personal means of transportation and attack vehicle. The Flying Egg can be fitted with a wide array of weapons and serves as an escape pod when Robotnik's schemes are inevitably foiled by Sonic the Hedgehog and his allies.



The Flying Egg is a mostly spherical, single-person pod. While its upper portion has gray metal plating, its lower hemisphere is black. It usually has a gray fire exhaust on the bottom and sometimes a rocket exhaust on the rear, both of which are used for propulsion. It also has three aligned thin vents near the front and black and yellow hazard stripe on each side, although the latter was not included on the last models. The front has a single yellow headlight. The insides of the Flying Egg meanwhile holds a single seat and a control panel.

The Flying Egg would often includes extra attachments on its side which could be either exhaust pipes or small stubby wings. Whichever it was would vary though.

Features and abilities

As mentioned above, the Egg Mobile is able to hover and move through the air. Reportedly, it has good handling, nice acceleration, but lousy breaks.[2] It has a highly modular design, able to utilize a wide array of weapon and gadget attachments, like laser cannons, extra armor and mechanical arms.[3][4][5] Its base design also serve as the template for other of Robotnik's vehicles, like the Squeeze Tag Machine which is just a heavily-altered and armored Flying Egg.[6][1] Additionally, it is equipped with a remote self-destruct function in case some should hijack it.[7]


Robotnik's first Flying Egg, from Sonic the Comic #26. Art by Mike Hadley and John M. Burns.

The Flying Egg was originally used by Dr. Ivo Robotnik during his early attempts for the conquest of Mobius as a means of transportation and to escape the scene of his defeats when his plans were laid to waste by Sonic the Hedgehog.[8][9] Robotnik eventually took his Flying Egg to the Omni-Viewer and forced the sentient energy field to sent Sonic and his friends into the future while he conquered Mobius.[10][11]

Grimer's Flying Egg protype, from Sonic Holiday Special 1994. Art by Mike White.

Robotnik continued using the Flying Egg for his operations during his rule of Mobius, mainly as an escape vehicle when Sonic overcame his plots, get around in his bases, or to check up on his divisions.[12][13][1][14] Robotnik's chief scientist Grimer even tried making a new Flying Egg for Robotnik, but when the doctor tested the prototype, it ended up hitting him with its faulty "Mega Attack Lever".[2]

Aside from Robotnik, others would use the Flying Egg. When discovering Robotnik's Badnik-maker machine, Sonic stole the Flying Egg from Robotnik during their battle and had it crash into the machine, destroying it.[5] Knuckles later used a Flying Egg left behind by Robotnik to get back to the Floating Island after helping the Freedom Fighters, although Robotnik had it self-destruct on the way.[1][7]

An armored Flying Egg, from Sonic the Comic #47. Art by Roberto Corona and John M. Burns.

When Shortfuse the Cybernik escaped his grasp, Robotnik used a heavily armored and armed Flying Egg to locate the rogue Cybernik and destroy him. During the battle with Shortfuse and Sonic, the Flying Egg took heavily damage until Robotnik decided to retreat with it.[3]

A Flying Egg with coiled arms, from Sonic the Comic #103. Art by Richard Elson.

After the end of Robotnik's reign, D.R.A.T.'s Brother Norman piloted a larger Egg-o-Matic equipped with coiled arms, which had been abandoned by Robotnik, to use against the Freedom Fighters. The coiled arms turned out to be a major design flaw (and the reason Robotnik never used it), as its fists recoiled after punching and knocked Norman right out of the cockpit.[4]

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