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This object exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
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The Flying Dog (フライングドッグ Furaingu Doggu?) is an object that appears in the anime series Sonic X. It is a security defense military hovercraft mecha[1] used by the military organization Guardian Units of the Nations following the Perfect Chaos incident.


Features and abilities

Capable of flight and built for battle, the Flying Dogs are an improved version of the Hot Shot, boasting improved fuselage efficiency, offensive ability, durability and fight speed as a whole.[1][2] In terms of armaments, the Flying Dogs feature a vulcan cannon,[2] energy bombs[2] and homing missiles.[3] In addition, they can seemingly be piloted remotely despite having a cockpit incorporated in them.


  • Width: 3.6 m[1]
  • Height: 3.6 m[1]
  • Weight: 5.4 t[1]



Shadow Saga


A Flying Dog attacking Rouge the Bat.

Following Perfect Chaos' attack on Station Square, the Flying Dogs were constructed by GUN upon clearance from the President to combat the threat of Dr. Eggman.[4] Much like the Hot Shots, the Flying Dogs' design was derived from the studies of the E-Series robots that the government had gotten hold of.[5]

A Flying Dog was sent by Howard Watcher to combat Rouge the Bat when she snuck into Prison Island to collect the Chaos Emeralds held in the local vaults. However, the mech was no match for her.[3]

Egg Moon Saga

During the eclipse of the Egg Moon, as Sonic the Hedgehog was on his way to destroy the mirrors towers powering the Sunshine Balls, a Flying Dog was deployed alongside several military fighters troops to stop him. When Sonic arrived, the Flying Dog fired a swarm of missiles at him, but Sonic evaded them one after another.[6]

Homebound Saga

Running out of time

The Flying Dogs attacking Dr. Eggman.

Discontent of waiting for the President to take on Eggman, Commander Card Passer sent troops of Flying Dogs, alongside other robot squadrons, to attack Dr. Eggman in a final bit to kill the doctor. To everyone's surprise however, Sonic appeared on the scene and held the Flying Dogs off until the scientist got his Grand Egg Imperial in the air.[7]


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