The Flybot767[1] (フライボット767[2] Furaibotto767?), also known as simply Flybot[3] and later Moewe (メーベ Mēbe?)[4][5] in Japan, is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 3. It is a mass-produced seagull-based Badnik model created by Dr. Robotnik.



Based on seagulls, the Flybot767s have grey armor with red plating on top. They also have a small pair of eyes, a medium-long and thin beak and their wing designs are similar to the oblique wing's.



The alarm gate, that activates Flybot767 Badniks to attack the player in Launch Base Zone.

Flybot767s are found only in Launch Base Zone. For the most part, they attack separately in certain sections, but they can also be summoned by the numerous alarm systems throughout the Zone. When attacking, they fly in from the right side of the screen and dive-bomb into the player. If the player dodges their attack, the Flybot767s will turn around and repeat their attack. Other than that, the Flybot767s are easily defeated.

If a player positions themselves in the alarm and perpetually charges a Spin Dash, an endless swarm of Flybot767s will fly into the player, racking up the player's score and earning the player lots of extra lives.


  • It is possible to earn a huge amount of points in Launch Base Zone by standing in front of the first alarm and staying in the Spin Dash position. From there, Flybot767s will continually dive-bomb the player, only to be destroyed.
  • The Flybot767s' second Japanese name "Moewe" is derived from the German word for a gull.



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