The Fly Type symbol from Sonic Heroes

The Fly Type (フライタイプ[1] Furai taipu?), also known as Flight Type,[2] is a character type used in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and is represented by the color yellow. It was introduced along with the Speed Type and Power Type in Sonic Heroes. As its name implies, Fly Type characters have the ability to fly, often jump farther or levitate.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

The Fly Type was introduced in Sonic Heroes. Fly Type characters have the unique ability to fly for a period of time, allowing them to carry the entire team over bottomless pits or to higher areas. Another one of their main abilities is the Thunder Shoot, an ability that can stun and once leveled up, destroy enemies from a distance or in mid-air and can also fill the Team Blast Gauge (though, at a very small rate).

In Battle mode and boss battles against other teams, Fly Types have an advantage over Power Types, but are weak against Speed Types.

Sonic Advance 3

SA3 Fly Icon.png

The Fly Type returns in Sonic Advance 3. Fly Type teams focus on aerial abilities such as flying and slow descent. Fly Type teams are the most useful for reaching high places. Fly Type teams are any combination that doesn't include Sonic or Knuckles.

Fly Type teams

Sonic Riders series

In Sonic Riders, Fly Type characters can use Accelerators that enable them to Air Ride, allowing the characters to pass over segments of the course and reach new areas while earning Air in the process. Certain Extreme Gears, such as the the Magic Carpet allow the user to fly regardless of their ability type. In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, although Fly Type characters can use any ability, their exclusive Gears are Boards which had a Gear Part enabling the use of Air Ride or can already use Air Ride (in the case of SCR-HD). In Sonic Free Riders, Fly Type characters can race with any ability type. Regardless, all Fly Type characters tend to have excellent acceleration and curving capabilities with just average rating on top speed and durability.

Sonic Runners

In Sonic Runners, Fly Type characters can float whilst in mid-air. While all levels in the game can be played with any character, Sky Road is better suited for Fly Types. Buddies, companions that the player can equip to characters, also have different ability types. Pairing Fly Type characters with Fly Type Buddies will enhance the effects of those Buddies.

List of Fly Type characters

Non-Sonic Fly Types

Fly Type Buddies


  • Silver is the only hedgehog who is a Flight type.
  • The Flight type has the least amount of members.
  • The Flight Type is the only character type that does not appear in the Mario & Sonic series or Team Sonic Racing, being replaced with Skill Type and Technique-Type respectively.
  • Most of the Flight Type characters are the smartest in their teams.
  • Rouge is the only Fly Type to be the leader of a team.
    • She is also the only Fly Type in Sonic Heroes that doesn't float over the ground when running at high speed.
  • Team Jubilee is the only named team in Sonic Advance 3 to be a Fly Type team and is also the only one not to be a Speed Type team.
  • Most Fly Type characters are the youngest members of their teams.


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