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Set the Flying Formation Flight Gauge to full.

— Description, Sonic Heroes[1]

The Fly Charge[2][3][4] (ウイング[5] Uingu?, lit. "Wing"), misspelt as Fly Change in the Nintendo GameCube instruction booklet,[1] is an Item Box power-up that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When obtained, it fills up the user's Flight Gauge.


The icon used to represent the Fly Charge on Item Boxes or when this power-up is obtained resembles a black cube with round corners and a white wing in the center.


In Sonic Heroes, when obtaining the Fly Charge, the Fly Formation's Flight Gauge is fully replenished, allowing the team to fly through the air for a little while longer. This is useful when the player has to transverse far distances through midair. The Fly Charge is typically found floating in mid-air, only accessible when already flying, as this is the only way the power-up has any effect.



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