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Flower Festival (フラワーフェスティバル Furawāfesutibaru?) is the Team Blast used by Team Rose in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, Amy, Cream and Big team up to deliver a knockout technique that destroys all nearby enemies while granting themselves various Item Box power-ups.


When performing Flower Festival, Big bounces Amy and Cream (who are curled into balls) around on the top of his umbrella while he is twirling it. Big then quickly lifts up his umbrella, throwing Amy and Cream slightly up into the air. After that, Amy lands and balances on top of Big's umbrella while joining hands with Cream so that Cream stands upside-down, and the two strike a pose while Big lifts up his umbrella and dances as high as possible and strikes a pose as well. As Cheese then circles around them, the group releases an explosion of flowers at their enemies.

To perform Flower Festival in gameplay, the player must press the White Button/R1/Gamecube Z Button.png when the Team Blast Gauge is full. When performing this technique, it destroys all normal enemies in the vicinity, and also inflicts a large amount of damage to bosses. Additionally, when activated, Team Rose is granted Invincible, a Barrier and a red, blue and yellow Power Core. Compared to other Team Blasts, Flower Festival has a large attack radius. Also, in battles against other playable teams, the opposing team cannot switch to another team formation for a short time after Flower Festival is used, with flowers appearing above the affected characters until it wears off.


  • Unlike most other Team Blasts, the after-effects of Flower Festival are not limited by the time it takes for the Team Blast Gauge to reset.
  • Sometimes during this Team Blast, Cream sings "round and round we go" while they are spinning.

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