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The Flower[1] is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a variation of the Pole that can be used to fly, and is the organic counterpart of the Propeller.


The Flower is a very large plant, with a head over two meters in diameter. It possesses six white horizontal petals and a thin, leafless plant stem with a triangular recess in the middle. Its large head is able to twist around itself without snapping off, and with its large petals, it can function like a helicopter rotor when strong winds are stirred up around it. By separating this flower from the ground when its petals rotate, it can fly through the air while carrying a significant amount of weight.


Team Dark using the Flower in Frog Forest.

The Flowers are found exclusively in Frog Forest and Lost Jungle. In gameplay, it lets the player travel to otherwise unreachable locations when it rotates by having the playable character grab onto it and let it carry them through the air like a hang glider. To use it in gameplay, the player has to use the Speed Type character's Tornado Jump (or Homing Attack or Rocket Accel if the player has collected three blue Power Cores) on the Flower. The rest will then occur automatically. While riding it, the player cannot control where it goes, but they can move up and down. Once at the destination, the playable characters will release it.


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