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Floren-Ca was a Mobian Echidna, the surrogate mother of Julie-Su, wife of Simon and a member of the Dark Legion. She has red fur, with grey streak in hairline, blue eyes and peach skin. She wears glasses and blue dress. She formerly wore a teal dress. For funerals, she wears a black dress.


Julie-Su was entrusted into her care by Luger after an "accident" claimed her mother's life and he could not look after her. Before that, she and her husband were heartbroken about Julie-Su's situation and relationships with her half-siblings. When Luger disappeared, Kragok and Lien-Da had Julie-Su's Memory Neutralizing Chip activated, wiping out her memories. They then told Floren-Ca to pretend Julie-Su was an orphan and that she was the only parent figure she'd even known. She and her husband raised her for eight years as if Julie-Su was their own daughter and they truly care about her.

Following a failed attempt by Kragok and Lien-Da to have Simon die leading an ill-equipped unit on supply raids, Kragok and Lien-Da feared that Simon and Floren-Ca would tell Julie-Su the truth about her past. To prevent this, they had Julie-Su taken from Floren-Ca when she was thirteen and inducted as a Dark Legion soldier. (SSS: #11)

Years later, Floren-Ca was taken prisoner along with Simon and Julie-Su on board the Battle Cruiser, as Dimitri felt they were as much a part of family as Moritori Rex was, and did not want them to be sent into an alternate zone when the Quantum Beam was fired. She is relieved about Julie-Su's safety. (SSS: #14)

Floren-Ca, Simon and Julie-Su were kept confined to a cell for a time, until Chaos Knuckles arrived on the Battle Cruiser. Lien-Da brought Julie-Su to the bridge of the ship to use her as a bargaining chip to gain Chaos Knuckles' allegiance. (StH: #100)

After Chaos Knuckles restored the Echidnas back to Angel Island by undoing the effects of the Quantum Beam, he pulled some strings to get Floren-Ca and Simon an apartment in Echidnaopolis. Floren-Ca later appeared at Knuckles's funeral with Simon. (StH: #114, #121)


  • Floren-Ca's fate remains unknown. While Simon was seen to be a victim of the Egg Grape Chambers, there was no indication she had fallen to the same fate. She has not been seen since Sonic the Hedgehog #121 however, and her fate remains unknown. Writer Ian Flynn has stated that Floren-Ca was killed in the Egg Grape Chambers just like Simon was, though she was never actually seen in the Egg Grapes.
  • In her first appearance in the present time (SSS #14) Floren-Ca was seen with dark purple fur with a teal dress and no glasses. In her second appearance, (StH #100), Floren-Ca was seen with red fur, glasses and a blue dress and looked rather elderly. In her last appearance (StH #121) she was seen with red fur, glasses, a gray streak in her hairline and wore a black dress for Knuckles's funeral.


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