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Floral Forest Village[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a remote coastal village and the hometown of Cream the Rabbit and her family.


Floral Forest Village is a quaint little village. It has been noted to be rather remote and has a low population density. Small single-family houses dominate this settlement. The village is also surrounded by a dense forest, and there is a glade to the north of the village.[2]


Crisis City

Arriving in Floral Forest Village, Dr. Eggman's Faceship dumped a payload of the Metal Virus agent into the village, causing many of the residents to be transformed into Zombots. Arriving in the village at the same time to rescue the villagers (particularly Cream), Sonic risked making his own Metal Virus worse by physically attacking the Zombots as he tried helping the villagers evacuate while looking for Cream and her family. In the meantime, Vanilla and Chocola barricaded themselves and Cream and Cheese inside their house. Cream wanted to help their neighbors, but her mother told her not to leave the house. Cream thus sent Gemerl out to help the villagers.

While Sonic ran around, the village was devastated by disobedient Zombots. Sonic soon after saved a group of residents from some Zombots and showed them the way to the north glade where a Rescue Shuttle would arrive. Gemerl appeared immediately after and attacked Sonic, as the robot considered the blue hedgehog a threat to Cream and her family because Sonic was already partially infected. Gemerl then told Sonic to run off or be eliminated. In the end, Sonic chose the former, as he needed to burn off his own infection. When Gemerl then got ready to eliminate the Zombots, Cream ran outside to scold Gemerl and convinced him to fight the Zombots non-lethally. Gemerl proceeded to hold the Zombots off, but was soon overwhelmed by their numbers. As such, he could answer Cream's cry for help when she heard her mother's scream. Returning to her house, Cream found Cheese, Vanilla and Chocola cornered by Zombots who had invaded their home. Meanwhile, Sonic stopped two residents of the village from starting a forest fire which they hoped could keep the Metal Virus from spreading.

Back in the village, Cheese and Chocola ended up attacking the leading Zombot, only to get caught. The Chao duo soon after became Zombots. As Vanilla tried to get Cream to safety, she got cut off by more Zombots. Fortunately, Sonic arrived and helped Cream and Vanilla evacuate their house. After Cream flew her mother towards the north glade, Sonic was saved from some Zombots by Gemerl, whom Sonic instructed to protect the Rescue Shuttle coming to pick up Cream and Vanilla. Sonic then trapped Cheese and Chocola in glass jars to keep them grounded. Soon after, Sonic received a call from Rouge, who asked him to help Team Dark intercept the Faceship in Sunset City. As Sonic prepared to leave the village though, Cheese and Chocola began to break free from their jars.[2]

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