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Sonic X
Flood Fight (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Flood Fight".

[Scene: Chris' school]

[Danny, Frances, and Helen are playing basketball.]
Students: (No way!) (Two points!)
[The basketball lands through the net. Nearby, Mr. Stewart is secretly contacting his superiors.]
Mr. Stewart: This is Chalkboard Charlie calling Homeroom. Chris Thorndyke is still absent from school.
[The basketball stops rolling when it collides with Mr. Stewart's right leg.]
Danny: Get the ball, Frances.
Frances: Mr Stewart? Can you throw me the ball, please?
[Mr. Stewart picks up the ball.]
Danny: Hey, Mr Stewart! Why don't you come and play?
Mr. Stewart: Uh... me?
Frances: Yeah, it'll be fun!
Mr. Stewart: All right.
[He takes the ball and dribbles it towards the net. He dunks the ball through the net.]
Danny: Right in the net! That was an awesome shot, Mr. Stewart!
Mr. Stewart: [Rubs behind head] Well, I was an alternate in the practice squad back in college...
[Helen giggles.]
Mr. Stewart: Did I... say something funny, Helen?
Helen: I was just thinking that I'm happy we got you as our teacher.
Mr. Stewart: Really?
Danny: We wasn't sure about you at first but you're cool.
Mr. Stewart: Thanks, Danny.

[Scene Change: Mystic Ruins - Tails' workshop]

[Chris is searching for Tails.]
Chris: I thought Tails and Sonic would be here in the workshop. I wonder where they are. Maybe they took the X-Tornado out and I guess I just missed them. I can't wait to show them what I got! Sonic's gonna be really proud of me when he sees that I found a Chaos Emerald!

[The opening theme plays.]

[Scene Change: Mystic Ruins]

[Sonic and Tails are walking together. They spot Knuckles, who has his back to them.]
Tails: It's Knuckles.
[Knuckles smirks. It is revealed that he is standing over an unconscious Eggman.]
Sonic: Eggman.
Knuckles: Hm.
[Sonic and Tails approach.]
Sonic: What'd you do to him?
Knuckles: Nothing. I found him this way.
[Tails pokes Eggman with a stick to see if Eggman is alive, and is surprised when Eggman sits up.]
Tails: Whaah! He's alive!
Dr. Eggman: Of course I am.
Sonic: What happened?
Dr. Eggman: Chaos turned against me.
Sonic: How come?
Dr. Eggman: Because... it wants to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds all for itself.
[Knuckles reaches for Eggman's throat.]
Knuckles: Tell us where Chaos is or else!
Sonic: Take it easy, Knuckles!
Dr. Eggman: How dare you threaten me! I'd love to teach you a lesson, but unfortunately I have to fly!
[He mysteriously rises into the air.]
Tails: He's getting away.
[It is revealed that Eggman is being airlifted by a hot-air balloon manned by Bocoe and Decoe.]
Decoe: Okay, start reeling him up.
Bocoe: The winch is jammed!
Decoe: We can pull him up ourselves.
Bocoe: No way. All that weight will burn out our motors.
Dr. Eggman: Don't just leave me hanging here like a salami!
Decoe: Try not to get agitated. The cable could break.
Bocoe: Just enjoy the ride.
Dr. Eggman: There's not time to lose. My plans for world domination depend on Chaos. We have to track down that renegade right away!
Decoe: Roger!
[Eggman cries out as his hench-bots fly him away.]
Knuckles: If Eggman was telling the truth, we have to find Chaos fast and stop it. The second it gets a hold of all seven Chaos Emeralds, it will become too powerful to defeat.
Sonic: You're right.
[Suddenly a bright light envelops Sonic and Knuckles.]
Sonic: What's goin' on here?

[Scene Change: Sonic's and Knuckles' vision]

[Sonic and Knuckles study their surroundings.]
Knuckles: Quiet... I've been here before. We're back in the past.
[They see Chief Pachacamac and his clan in front of the Master Emerald shrine. Tikal and several Chao block the way to the temple.]
Pachacamac: Tikal, the clan needs those seven Emeralds. It is the only way to protect ourselves from our enemies.
Tikal: But taking the Emeralds isn't the way! Please stop! You'll regret it forever!
Pachacamac: The clan has made its choice, and we'll seize the Emeralds now. Warriors, attack!
[The echidnas race towards the shrine, trampling Tikal.]
Tikal: Stop it!
[The seven Chaos Emeralds appear around the Master Emeralds as the echidnas reach the top of the shrine. Chaos emerges from the Master Emerald.]
Pachacamac: What is this thing?!
[Chaos raises its hands, and the Master Emerald begins to glow brightly. The echidnas are forced to shield their eyes. The Master emerald glows intensely, and suddenly there is a white glow that envelops everything. When it dies down, the Master Emerald's glow dies down, and the shrine is on fire.]
Knuckles: They're gone. All of them.
Sonic: Not all.
[Sonic rushes over to an unconscious Tikal.]
Sonic: Are you okay?
[Tikal slowly sits up. Opening her eyes, she sees the burning shrine.]
Tikal: I knew this would end in disaster. Why, Father, why didn't you listen to me?
[She gets up and dashes towards the shrine.]
Sonic: Hey, hold on!
[Sonic and Knuckles follow Tikal to the top of the shrine, where she begins to pray.]
Tikal: You must understand. The servers are the seven chaos. Our hearts intensify their power. The controller serves to unify the chaos. The seven Chaos Emeralds take what is in our hearts and turn it into power. Hmph... But if the heart that wields the Emeralds is full of nothing but angry and fear... then that power will being pain and destruction to the world. Oh, please, you must stop Chaos!
[She spreads forth her arms as the Master Emerald glows, thus ending the vision.]

[Scene Change: Mystic Ruins]

Knuckles: She's gone.
Sonic: Knuckles, did you understand what she meant about Chaos?
Knuckles: We have to stop Chaos from getting hold of the last Emerald.
Chris: [Off-screen] Hey, you guys! Look!
[Knuckles panics when he sees Chris approaching him, white Chaos Emerald in hand. Suddenly, the ground directly underneath Chris rumbles, and a huge geyser of water launches into the air.]
Sonic: Chris!
[Sonic leaps into the geyser and takes Chris' hand.]
Sonic: Hold tight, buddy!
[With his energy sapped, Chris lets go of the Chaos Emerald.]
Knuckles: Just hang on!
[Knuckles leaps into the air, and karate-kicks the geyser, releasing Sonic and Chris. Sonic lands on the ground, still carrying Chris. The ground begins to crack, swallowing the Chaos Emeralds and Knuckles' bag of Master Emerald shards. Tails flies out of the way just in time as a massive geyser of water bursts out of the ground, then falls back back in.]
Knuckles: So Chaos has all seven Emeralds now.
Chris: I'm sorry, Knuckles. It's all my fault.
Knuckles: That creature is more powerful than all of us. It can't be stopped.
Sonic: But we have to try.
[Nearby, a few sad Chao float down.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Dark clouds gather above Station Square. Everyone stops as the ground begins to rumble. Water rushes through the sewers. Meanwhile, Sam Speed is giving someone a speeding ticket.]
Sam: You were doing fifty in a 35 mph zone. But since you did ask me for my autograph, I'll let you off the warning this time.
[Suddenly the nearby manhole explodes into the air as water gushes out like a geyser.]
Sam: Whoa! Must be a water main break!
[But that is not the only incident. Across the entire city, manholes are launched into the air by the sheer force of water, sending people screaming and running.]
People: (Let's get out of here!)
Sam: Weird.
[A giant crack forms in one of the streets, and water gushes out of it. It even bursts out of the tops of skyscrapers. People flee into one of the buildings.]
Sam: You'll be safe here! Hurry!
[Suddenly a wave sweeps Sam away. One of the waves of water which explodes out of one of the buildings forms into a giant head. The creature's eyes open, and it roars. Perfect Chaos is born.]

[Scene Change: The White House]

[The President, Christina, Topaz, and Rouge are watching Scarlet Garcia on TV. She is reporting the breaking story from a helicopter.]
Scarlet: Station Square is flooded! We don't know the exact cause of the disaster yet, but eyewitnesses reported that something went horribly wrong in the city's water system. As you can see, there's complete devastati-- Oh my.. There's something down there...
[She sees Perfect Chaos moving through the city and begins to panic.]
Scarlet: It's appears to be some kind of monster!

[Scene Change: The SSTV Newsroom]

Technician: Tell that pilot to fly closer to the monster!

[Scene Change: The White House]

[The President and Christina take frantic calls from officials as Topaz and Rouge stand by.]
Caller 1: Counter attack is impossible!
Caller 2: Our missile launcher was caught in the flooding.
Christina: What about fighter jets? How many do we have in the area?
President: Throw everything we got at it. As Commander-in-Chief, I authorize you to do whatever it takes to stop that thing.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Perfect Chaos slashes a building in half with one of its tentacles.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Living room]

[Ella, Cream, and Cheese are watching the breaking story.]
Scarlet: Much of the city is now in ruins! The only good news is that nobody has been seriously hurt. But the monster is still attacking us!
[Suddenly Cheese begins freaking out.]
Cream: What are you trying to say, Cheese, huh?
[But there is no explanation.]
Ella: Don't worry, that blob would hurt you.
Cream: Right, we're going up to the mountains where it's safe.
[But Cheese refuses to calm down. Chuck enters.]
Chuck: What are you waiting for? We have to get out of here fast!
Ella: But we can't go yet because Mister Chris still hasn't come back home.
Chuck: Where is he?!

[Scene Change: The X-Tornado]

Chris: We've gotta stop Chaos somehow. Faster! We don't have much time.
Tails: Better hang on!
[Below them, Sonic is running towards the city.]
Sonic: If I don't get to the city fast, there won't be anything left to save.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[The digital billboard shows Perfect Chaos's rampage.]
Scarlet: The monster is downtown, leaving a wave of destruction in its wake!
[Perfect Chaos destroys the billboard.]

[Scene Change: Chris' school]

[The students are being evacuated.]
Mr. Stewart: Children, we're all moving up the slope there. [On wrist communicator] Roger, this is Chalkboard Charlie.
Agent: [Over wrist communicator] We need you back here at headquarters on the double!
[Mr. Stewart sees Danny and Frances struggling with Helen's wheelchair.]
Mr. Stewart: [On wrist communicator] But I can't leave my students!
Agent: [Over wrist communicator] What?! This is a direct order!
[Mr. Stewart grits his teeth in frustration, then sighs.]
Mr. Stewart: [On wrist communicator] I'm sorry, I didn't copy that. Can you repeat, Homeroom?
Frances: Sir?
Mr. Stewart: Are you the last ones?
Danny: Yeah, the others went ahead.
Mr. Stewart: That's good. Then follow me!
Danny and Frances: Okay.
[Mr. Stewart grabs Helen's chair and runs like the wind. Danny and Frances follow.]

[Scene Change: Thorndyke Mansion - Entrance]

[Chuck, Ella, and Cream are ready to leave.]
Mr. Tanaka: I'll wait for Chris. As a former water polo champion, I can swim both of us to safety when the flood comes.
[Chuck picks up Cheese, who is still upset, though not as much as before.]
Chuck: Alright.
[Cream opens the door as she, Ella, and Chuck leave the mansion. Tanaka stays to wait for Chris, taking a meditative position to prepare for the flood waters.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Several people pull Sam to safety. Among them is Jerome Wise.]
Sam: Thanks. That was close.
[A fleet of military helicopters fly in to engage Perfect Chaos.]
Sam: Alright! Hope they send that thing down the drain!
Pilot 1: Commence attack pattern bravo.
Pilot 2: Copy that, Squad Leader.
Pilot 3: Let's take it down!
[The choppers open fire on Perfect Chaos, but no damage is done.]
Pilot: Switch to missile fire now.
[Missiles are launched at Perfect Chaos, which absorbs them and breathes them back at the choppers.]
Pilot: No way!
[Sonic arrives in town. Seeing the carnage, he grits his teeth and speeds off into the wrecked city. Meanwhile, the helicopters are destroyed by their own missiles, but the crews escape and parachute to safety. The citizens watch helplessly.]
Citizens: (Oh my gosh!) (The pilots are okay!) We need Sonic.

[Scene Change]

[Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe are sitting in a giant cockpit of some sort. The lights slowly turn on.]
Bocoe: Systems are go.
Dr. Eggman: Let's take off!
[A large door opens, and the giant cruiser they are sitting in begins to rise.]
Dr. Eggman: A successful evil genius always have a Plan B. That's why I have the Egg Carrier 2. Chaos better watch out. Things are about to get really chaotic. Hahaha!

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[Sonic watches Perfect Chaos' relentless rampage.]
Sonic: That's it, Chaos! Your destroying days are over!
[Sonic takes a mighty leap into the air and spins towards Perfect Chaos' head.]
Citizen: Hey, look!
[But the water god uses a tentacle to slam him back to earth. Sonic then runs up one of the few skyscrapers standing and flies towards Perfect Chaos. However, the monster absorbs him, spits him out, and rears up a mighty wave of water to catch him. Sonic is lucky enough to land a floating board of wood, and rides it like a surfboard.]
Chris: [Off-screen] Sonic!
[Sonic looks up to see the X-Tornado approaching him. He takes hold of Chris' outstretched hand.]
Chris: You all right?
Sonic: Yeah. Thanks, Chris.
Chris: You think.. we'll win?
Sonic: It'll turn out okay. But Chaos is more powerful then ever, so I'll need plenty of help. Can I count on ya?
Chris: You bet.
Sonic: Okay, then. Let's do it!
[Tails flies the X-Tornado into battle. It skillfully avoids several water spears before buzzing Perfect Chaos. Suddenly, they are overshadowed by the Egg Carrier 2.]
Sonic: What's this?
Dr. Eggman: Back off, Sonic! Chaos double-crossed me. Now it's payback time!
Sonic: Eggman! This time he's fighting on our side?!
[The Egg Carrier 2 closes in on Perfect Chaos.]

[Scene Change: The Egg Carrier 2]

Decoe: All attack systems are online.
Bocoe: Blast charges are loaded and ready to fire on your command.
Dr. Eggman: You're through, Chaos! The price of disloyalty to the Eggman Empire is annihilation. Front missiles, fire.

[Scene Change: Station Square]

[The Egg Carrier 2 fires many missiles at Perfect Chaos, but they are quickly deflected by a force field that the monstrosity summons to defend itself with. Then the water god fires a giant laser from its mouth, destroying the Egg Carrier 2 with one shot. The villains escape in the Egg Mobile. Sonic sees this.]
Sonic: Oh, great! How are we gonna beat it now?!
[Just then, a bright light moves in, blinding the X-Tornado's occupants. The light surrounds the X-Tornado and safely guides it to a landing position on a bridge. Sonic leaps down from the X-Tornado.]
Sonic: This just keeps getting freakier and freakier...
[A female echidna appears.]
Sonic: You again!
[The light fades.]
Tikal: Since the day of my father's invasion, I've journeyed across the seas of eternal time with Chaos to help keep its power under control. But some fiend woke Chaos for a plan to use its power for an evil purpose.
Sonic: Eggman... He must have uncovered the way to revive Chaos somehow so he could use it to take over the world.
[A few flashbacks of Eggman and Chaos are shown. Perfect Chaos spits out the Chaos Emeralds. The purple Emerald lands in front of Tikal. It is petrified. Tikal picks it up.]
Tikal: Chaos has now drained all the Emeralds of their power.
Sonic: What?
Tikal: Ever since my clan attacked the temple, Chaos has known only hate and anger. He will use the power of the seven Emeralds to destroy this world. We have to seal Chaos back in the Master Emerald before it's too late!
Sonic: It won't work.
[Tikal stands up.]
Sonic: If we seal it in the Master Emerald, the same thing will only happen again. We have to solve this problem once and for all.
Tikal: Yes... but how can we?
[Sonic doesn't know how to answer.]
Cream: [Off-screen] Sonic! Sonic!
[Sonic looks up to Cream carrying a petrified yellow Chaos Emerald.]
Cream: Look, I have something for you!
[Ella, Tanaka, and Chuck also arrive.]
Chuck: Cream got the Emerald back after Chaos let them all go.
[Amy also runs in carrying a petrified blue Emerald.]
Amy: Hey, Sonic!
[Big also arrives. He holds up the green Emerald.]
Big: I finally got back the pretty rock that Froggy swallowed. You can borow it if you want to.
[Eggman, Decoe, Bocoe, and Knuckles also arrive, followed by Tails.]
Tails: Sonic! If you collect all the Emeralds, you can defeat Chaos!
[Knuckles holds out the red Emerald.]
Knuckles: Here. You have more experience at being a hero.
Sonic: Thanks, Knuckles.
[Knuckles turns to Eggman, knowing he hiding an Emerald.]
Knuckles: Eggman.
Dr. Eggman: Oh, all right. Take it.
[He hands over the petrified cyan Emerald.]
Tails: We need one more.
Chris: [Off-screen] Sonic! Look what I found!
[Chris is coming with the last Emerald: the white one. However, he trips and falls on his face. Sonic runs over.]
Sonic: Chris!
[Chris looks up.]
Chris: Sonic, look!
[Chris holds out his Emerald.]
Sonic: I knew you'd come through.
[The crowds cheer for Sonic from the wrecked buildings.]
Crowds: (Go, Sonic!) (Yeah, Sonic!) (All right!)
[The Chaos Emeralds' power begins returning.]
Chris: The Emeralds are getting their power back!
[The Chaos Emeralds begin levitating. They begin to orbit Sonic. He closes his eyes and lets them change him into Super Sonic. His quills stand up, and he rises into the the air. Tikal gasps in shock when she witnesses this miracle.]
Tikal: I thought that the power of the Chaos Emeralds could only be awakened by hate and anger.
Knuckles: There are other feelings that are even more powerful.
Tails: When everybody gave their Chaos Emeralds to Sonic, it was because of our friendship. Caring is stronger than hate, and that's how Sonic is gonna beat Chaos.
[Sonic finishes changing into Super Sonic, then turns to Perfect Chaos, who prepares itself for battle. Perfect Chaos projects its shield around itself again, but it is smashed by Sonic. Perfect Chaos then turns its tentacles into drills, but Sonic spins into them, shattering them. Not even Perfect Chaos' laser breath can hurt Super Sonic, so it fires an even stronger laser that heads towards Chris and the others. Sonic moves in front of it.]
Chris: Aaahhh! ... Sonic!
[The beam does nothing as Super Sonic is unharmed, and pretty ticked now after this move against his friends.]
Super Sonic: You can't stop me!
[The others smile. Mr Stewart and his class cheer Sonic on from a hill far away from the city.]
Helen: If anybody can stop that monster, Sonic can.
Danny: Go, Sonic!
[The kids cheer with chants of "Go, Sonic!" Perfect Chaos whips a tentacle towards Sonic, but he uses a hand to stop it, and then uses Chaos energy to dissolve it.]
Super Sonic: Is that the best you can do?
[Perfect Chaos fires a laser beam from its mouth again, but Sonic charges headfirst towards it, and forces it back to sender, causing Perfect Chaos to reel backwards as it is forced to swallow its own attack. Once Sonic flies inside Perfect Chaos, he exits again from around Perfect Chaos' neck as the water god glows gold and beams of light begin to spurt from all over it. Just as Super Sonic touches down on a piece of broken highway, Perfect Chaos vanishes in a bright light with a final agonized roar. The crowds cheer. Sonic has won as he reverts back to his normal appearance. However, the puddle that was Chaos lands on the ground, and it reverts to its base form.]
Knuckles: It wasn't destroyed. It survived!
Cheese: Chao chao chao.
[Many other Chao rise from the water and surround Chaos, including Cheese. Chaos beams.]
Knuckles: But it doesn't look angry anymore.
Tails: Yeah. If you ask me, Chaos actually looks kinda happy.
Cream: Wow, look at all those Chao!
Chris: I wonder where they came from?
Amy: It looks to me like those Chao were friends of Chaos who came here to see him.
[Tikal steps in front of Chaos.]
Tikal: These are the Chao you kept watch over.
[Chaos looks around at the Chao. There is a flashback of Chris, his friends, and the Chao.]
Tikal: They are coming into this world now. The Chao will live here in peace, and you can be at peace now too.
[The flashback ends.]
Tikal: Time to go.
[Tikal spreads forth her hands, and she and Chaos rise into the air. They soon vanish. Sonic looks at the the city in concern. Tails breaks the silence.]
Tails: Huh? Where'd Eggman go?
Mr. Tanaka: I think he escaped while we were distracted.
Knuckles: Yeah, well, he won't get away next time.
[Chris approaches Sonic.]
Chris: You did it, Sonic!
[Sonic turns around.]
Sonic: We all did.
[Chris returns the thumbs-up. The episode ends and the credits roll.]