This group exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
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The Flock is a group of Freedom Fighters made of sheeps from the Chemical Plant Zone. Unlike members of Sonic the Hedgehog's Freedom Fighters, members of the Flock seem to be fully-grown adults and stand much taller than other characters.


They lived in the zone before the Chemical Plant had been built, while it was still green fields, and were forced underground by Doctor Robotnik. They have since taken to thwarting Robotnik's schemes in the zone, and battling his robot lieutenant, Nutzan Bolt. The Flock is led by Sab.[1] Sol Furic was also once a member of the Flock, but defected to become one of Nutzan Bolt's lackeys. He later attempted to rejoin the Flock, but before he could do so their headquarters were destroyed in an explosion and everyone inside was believed killed.[2] Nevertheless, the Flock survived, having escaped beforehand in a secret tunnel. Sab returned, accepting Sol Furic back onto the team,[3] and the two of them, along with Tails, managed to defeat Nutzan Bolt for good.[4]

The Flock was presumably disbanded after this, or after Doctor Robotnik's over-throwing,[5] as they did not appear in subsequent stories set in the Chemical Plant Zone.[6]


The members wear combat clothes and use a variety of equipment, including firearms and microputers. Several wear a sheepskull-shaped emblem, either printed on their clothes or, in the case of Sab, as a lapel pin.


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