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The Floating Fall is a move used by Amy Rose with the influence of Miles "Tails" Prower and Cream the Rabbit, and by Cream the Rabbit with the influence of Miles "Tails" Prower. It has only appeared in Sonic Advance 3.


The move can only be performed when Amy is partnered with Tails or Cream, or when Cream is partnered with Tails, Amy or Cream must be the player character with Tails and/or, in Amy's case, Cream as the partner. The move is performed by pressing and holding GameboyA.png whilst in the air.

When performing the Floating Fall, the character pulls out an object which they use to slow down their descent, the object differs depending on which character uses the move; Amy uses a pair of balloons, whilst Cream uses an umbrella. The move allows the player to slow their fall, which can be used to reach certain places that might be hard to reach without the move. When performed by Cream, the move gives the player extra height before the player slowly starts descending, and can be used to move over certain obstacles

Whilst performing the Floating Fall, the player is vulnerable to attack; cancelling the move (by releasing GameboyA.png) will cause the player to fall in a helpless state, once again leaving the player vulnerable to attack.


  • Cream uses the Floating Fall move in a cut scene in Cyber Track, when she is recruited.
  • Amy Rose using balloons for this move is a call back to Sonic Adventure.

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