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Flicky STC

A Flicky, from Sonic the Comic #104. Art by Richard Elson.

The Flicky is a creature that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a race of colorful songbirds originating from planet Drak which migrate to Mobius once every year.



Flicky STC 1

A Flicky with unique features, from Sonic the Comic #104. Art by Richard Elson.

The typical Flicky is a small and rotund bird with thick three-toed feet. They have round-shaped heads with two large eyes, soft beaks and hair tuffs on their heads. Their wings are medium-sized compared to their bodies which are usually smaller than their heads, and their tails consist of delicate feathers. In terms of markings, their bellies are normally colored differently. Some Flickies also display facial markings, like colored cheeks or eyelids.

The Flickies come in a variety of different colors, particularly their plumage. Their eyes and skin differentiate less though, the latter only being yellow or orange while the former is either blue, brown or green. They can also have different hair styles, some more elaborate than others. Some may also have a chubbier built.


Flickies are unable to speak regular language, instead communicating by a sort of tweeting language refereed to as "Tweet" that only Tails can understand[1] (although he later says it is not exactly a language, and he only gets a feeling of what the Flickies mean).[2] Although recognized as animal life, Flickies have demonstrated remarkable intelligence. They also possess a great deal of energy which makes them perfect organic batteries for Badniks.[2]


Flicky STC 2

Flickies on Drak, from Sonic the Comic #109. Art by Richard Elson.

The Flickies originate from planet Drak, a planet located in another dimension, although their exact habitat is unknown. When migrating to Mobius, they reside exclusively on Flickies' Island, a haven of peace and tranquility.[2]

Powers and abilities

Being non-anthropomorphic birds, the Flickies are able to fly using their wings.


Flicky STC 4

A Flicky caught by Robotnik, from Sonic the Comic #105. Art by Richard Elson.

Coming from planet Drak, the Flickies would migrate to Flickies' Island on Mobius once a year for a few weeks using a Mobius Ring, an inter-dimensional portal from the Drakon Empire.[2][3] After Dr. Robotnik had been overthrown as ruler of Mobius, he made a base on Flickies' Island, intending to discover the Flickies' secret. Learning of their great potential as organic batteries, Robotnik caught several Flickies to power his new Badniks.[2] One Flicky escaped though and brought in Sonic and Tails to help.[1][2] However, Robotnik's plan was thwarted by the intervention of the Drakon Empire, who had left the island's Mobius Ring as a way of knowing when the Mobians had grown to be a potential threat to them. Robotnik was captured by a Drakon Prosecutor and taken to Drak, and the Mobius Ring was deactivated.[3]

Flicky STC 3

Flickies freed from Badniks, from Sonic the Comic #116. Art by Richard Elson.

Flickies' were later seen in their native habitat on the Drakon homeworld Drak.[4][5] After making a deal with the Drakon's Emperor Ko-Dorr, Robotnik ran his operations from Flickies' Island and continued to use Flickies to power his new model of Badniks until his base was destroyed.[6][7]


  • The Flicky design often made cameos in earlier issues as random Mobians and victims which could talk freely to Sonic and friends. As the series developed though, more anthropomorphic bird characters were used instead.

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