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Flickies' Island is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is a deserted island on Mobius, named due to the Flicky birds that dwell there. For a time, it served as Dr. Robotnik's hideout after the abolishment of his rule over the planet.


Visitors from Planet Drak

Thousands of years ago, the Drakon Empire built ruins on Flickies' Island and left a Mobius Ring there as a way of knowing when the Mobians had developed to the point where they could be a potential threat to them.[1] Traveling through to the Mobius Ring, the native Flickies from Planet Drak would every year migrate to Flickies' Island on Mobius for a few weeks. However, the Flickies origin and where they went was a mystery to the Mobians.[2]

Robotnik's new base

Dr. Robotnik claimed that he had always planned to investigate the mysteries of Flickies' Island, in particular where the Flickies went.[2] After Robotnik was ousted from power as the dictator of Mobius,[3] the doctor and Grimer went into hiding on Flickies' Island. Setting up a base here from where he planned to re-conquer Mobius, Robotnik eventually found the local Mobius Ring and figured out where the Flickies came from. Robotnik then set about catching the Flickies to serve as the ideal organic batteries for his new breed of Badniks, with which he intended to regain control of the planet.[2][4]

While Robotnik and Grimer researched the Flickies, one escaped their captivity and brought Sonic and Tails to Flickies' Island.[4] As the heroes reunited with Robotnik, the doctor had his new Badniks attack the Freedom Fighters. While Sonic struggled to take down just one Badnik, Robotnik took Tails hostage.[2] However, his plan to take the heroes prisoners was thwarted by the intervention of a Drakon Prosecutor emerging from the island's Mobius Ring. The Prosecutor took Robotnik prisoner and dragged him through the Mobius Ring to Planet Drak, leaving the Mobius Ring deactivated.[1]

After making a deal with the inter-dimensional Drakon,[5] Robotnik returned to Flickies' Island and ran his operations from there, spending the next several months attacking Mobius repeatedly with his Badniks, allies and other means[6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22][23] (Grimer attempted to launch missiles as well, but his plans went haywire).[24] The island was left vacant again when Grimer was arrested and Robotnik disappeared.[25][26]

After Robotnik

After Robotnik's apparent demise, Sonic led the Freedom Fighters on a mission to Flickies' Island to destroy Robotnik's base. However, they were ambushed and captured by Agent X (disguised as Johnny Lightfoot) with a horde of Badniks.[27] Although Sonic was briefly banished to the Shadow Dimension, the home world of Agent X, the Freedom Fighters managed to escape and apprehend Agent X, then rescue Sonic and the real Johnny Lightfoot, whom Agent X had banished too. In the commotion, Agent X damaged a matter transporter, causing it to overload. Sonic and his friends escaped before the resulting explosion destroyed Robotnik's base.[28]

Although the island was now deserted again, Robotnik's automatic defenses were still functional, including gun turrets, pit traps, and a robot gorilla. When a group of holidaymakers arrived on the island (as part of one of Max Gamble's money-making schemes), these defenses became active and endangered the tourists. Fortunately, the tourists were rescued by Sonic and Tails, and Sonic who used his super speed to disable all of the island's automated defenses.[29]

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