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'''Fleming''' was a Lieutenant in the [[Acorn Kingdom Army]], serving as head of the [[Royal Secret Service]] following[[File:Fleming01.png|thumb|222px]] the death of his immediate superior and old comrade; [[Ian St. John]]. Fleming was close to Ian's only son; [[Geoffrey St. John]], and became the father-figure and mentor to him that he now lacked. Fleming was also a close friend and old comrade of Commander [[Smiley]]. ([[StH]]: [[Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 54|#54]])
Fleming served well during his time as head of the Secret Service, but later joined the [[Royal Underground]] following [[Robotnik Prime|Dr. Ivo Robotnik]]'s [[Robotnik's Coup d'état|coup]] to fight to restore the realm. As a member of the Rebel Underground, Fleming helped [[Substitute Freedom Fighters|Sally's trainees]] during one of their early missions, by locating and helping to heal the injured [[Arlo]]. Both he and Smiley later participated in an attack on one of Robotnik's bases and helped to defeat the [[Stealth Bot]]s. ([[Princess Sally Miniseries|PSM]]: [[Archie Princess Sally Miniseries Issue 3|#3]])
After Robotnik's death at the hands of [[Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie character)|Sonic the Hedgehog]], Fleming and the rest of the Underground joined up with the the [[Knothole Freedom Fighters]] to restore the decrepit capitol; [[Mobotropolis]]. During a routine sweep-and-clear mission to destroy booby traps laid by Robotnik before his demise, Fleming accidenltly tripped a landmine that nearly got himself and Geoffrey killed, but while they both lived, Fleming, injured, realized that he was ''"too old for this game"'' and retired from active service; letting Geoffrey became leader of the reformed Secret Service. ([[StH]]: [[Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 61|#61]], [[SSS]]: [[Archie Sonic Super Special Issue 2|#2]])
Fleming is likely named after [[wikipedia:Ian Fleming|Ian Fleming]], author of the James Bond novels.
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