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Fleabyte from Sonic the Comic #73. Art by Carl Flint and Mike Hadley.

Fleabyte is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a bounty hunting anthropomorphic cat. He was created by Lew Stringer and first appeared in Sonic the Comic #73.


Fleabyte speaks with a heavy Texan accent and dresses in Wild West-style clothes, including a battered brown long-coat and a black, flat-topped Cowboy hat (similar to that worn by Lee van Cleef in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly). He also wears blue jeans, a pink bandana around his neck with a black paw print pattern, several belts for guns and ammo, and spurs on his boots (despite not owning a horse).

He seems to have fairly poor hygiene (he was seen dribbling in Sonic the Comic #74), and he is constantly surrounded by flies. His tail is constantly bandaged for unknown reasons. His left arm is robotic, and he can use it to pick locks, but it is not clear how he came to replace it.

Despite being a good tracker, Fleabyte is not very intelligent. While using an infra-red heat scanner, he accidentally switched it into a portable TV, and he later forgot to tie up Tails' tails after capturing him. He even believed that Dr. Robotnik was a "glorious ruler" while the villain ruled Mobius and that there "Ain't nobody fairer than the good Doc an' that's a fact!" However, he appears to have no actual links to the doctor (unlike B.A.R.F. or Metamorphia) and instead works free-lance.

As a cat, he has "a knack of landin' on [his] feet".


Fleabyte pursued Tails twice. On the first occasion, ; first in the story Fox On The Run (STC 73-76), where he ran into Tails and a mouse named Tantrum in the Spring Flower Zone.[1] While Tails and Tantrum fought their way though a trap-filled underground cavern, Fleabyte simply tracked their heat signals from above and when the two emerged, apprehended them.[2] Unfortunately for him, he made a mistake in not tying Tails' tails and Tails flew in the air, dragging Fleabyte with him. Although he fell some distance after shooting through the rope, Fleabyte landed on his feet and took Tantrum hostage. Tantrum's incredibly loud voice caused nearby rocks to fall and knock the cat out and the two escaped.[3]

Fleabyte appeared only once more. Having lost all his money in the Casino Night Zone, Fleabyte captured Tails only to be captured himself by Commander Brutus' Trooper forces. Tails and Fleabyte worked together to escape, and once free Fleabyte tried to trap Tails again. Tails caught him this time and tied him up in his own net.[4]


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