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Quotation1.svg Using micro-nano technology, these FleaBots can turn the most hygienic foe into a bumbling itchy mess. Quotation2.svg
Dr. Eggman, "Flea-ing From Trouble"

The FleaBot[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a mass-produced, flea-based robot model created by Dr. Eggman for an unconventional attempt to defeat Team Sonic.


The FleaBots are miniscule robots, being no more than a few millimeters large. Resembling a stereotypical bug, they have a round black abdomen with a red top, six yellow hair-like protrusions on their backs, and black stripes in the shape of circuits across their backs. They also have six grey legs each with red knife-based claws, and a red light on their bellies. Also, their heads are red with long yellow eyebrows, big light blue eyes with slit-like black pupils, four sharp yellow teeth, and black mandibles with yellow edges.


TV series

Season two

A swarm of FleaBot in synchronization.

The FleaBots were created by Dr. Eggman using micro-nano technology for a new approach to combat Team Sonic after Eggman's larger robots proved inadequate. Programmed to be controlled via remote, the FleaBots were planted on Team Sonic by Orbot and Cubot (after they almost released them in the lair). The FleaBots, which were mistaken for real fleas by everyone, turned Team Sonic into itchy messes and got the team quarantined for a while. Eventually discovering the FleaBots' true nature, but unable to remove them, Team Sonic confronted Eggman, who cranked up the FleaBots in response. Once Team Sonic got their controller though, they made the FleaBots attack Eggman, before leaving him to remove them manually after destroying the controller.[1]

Powers and abilities

Team Sonic itching due to FleaBots.

The FleaBots can induce itching sensations in even the most hygienic individual, and can increase these sensations to the point where their hosts are rendered almost completely distracted and driven to the brink of madness. Additionally, they are immune to all conventional flea treatments and their size makes them extremely difficult to target with brute force, making them nearly impossible to get rid of.[1] As Eggman robots, they are also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[2]


The FleaBots are subservient to their controller, so if an enemy gets a hold of it, they will be at their command. Also, if their controller is destroyed, the FleaBots will get stuck conducting the last order they received and be unresponsive to any further commands.[1]

Being Eggman robots, the FleaBots rely on Eggman's lair to provide them with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then they will too.[2]


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