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Flea-ing From Trouble

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"Flea-ing From Trouble"[2] is the eighty-second episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 23 April 2017 in France and on 3 June 2017 in the United States.


The gang learns that sometimes the fiercest things come in the smallest packages when Eggman attacks with his tiniest robot yet.[4]



Races and species:





The episode starts in the Village Center, with Dr. Eggman flying in front of the Male Fennec's shop in his Eggmobile. The doctor complains to the Male Fennec about how he has raised the prize for his "Choco Num-Num Bars" (Eggman's favorite candy), but the Male Fennec argues that what he did was logical because they are so popular. In response, Eggman steals a Choco Num-Num Bar from the Male Fennec, only for Team Sonic to arrive as he makes his getaway. Sonic demands Eggman hand his stolen goods over, but Eggman decides to counterattack with his largest robot yet, dubbed "HugeBot". However, the robot is really slow, and Sonic and Knuckles are able to destroy it easily. While Team Sonic's members congratulate each other, Eggman drops his candy bar in defeat and laves.

Back in the lair, Eggman is at his computer with Orbot and Cubot, lamenting about how he keeps building larger and larger robots to combat Team Sonic, which are then only defeated and turned into scrap metal by the heroes. Scoffing at Orbot's words of encouragement, Eggman decides he needs a new game plan: rather than going big with his robots, he should try going small. Eggman thus goes to work in his lair creating nanobots named "FleaBots", which can turn anyone into an itchy mess. Once Eggman is finished, Orbot and Cubot fight over who gets to see the batch of completed FleaBots, but accidentally drop their bowl and release them in the process. Fortunately, Eggman has a FleaBot controller which makes the FleaBots obey his every command. Eggman then instructs Orbot and Cubot to plant the FleaBots on Team Sonic.

Orbot and Cubot's first stop is at Meh Burger where they nonchalantly shoot FleaBots at Sonic, who immediately starts itching while he is eating. They then stop by Amy's House where Cubot puts FleaBots into Amy's perfume while she is in her vanity corner. As soon as Amy sprays perfume on herself, she starts itching. Next up is Knuckles, who is showing off his strength to Staci on the beach. Once Cubot launches FleaBots on him though, Knuckles starts itching and messes up, prompting Staci to leave in disgust. At Sticks' Burrow, Orbot tries drilling a hole through the roof to silently drop FleaBots on Sticks. The ever paranoid Sticks hears though and rushes out to look, but the FleaBots get on her anyway after Orbot and Cubot drop the mug holding them during their escape. Lastly, the robot duo stops by Tails' Workshop, where they drop FleaBots on Tails through the building's air vent, causing Tails to itch while working. Meanwhile, Eggman is observing his lackeys' work through Spy Bot.

Later at Meh Burger, Sonic laments his humiliating hygiene problem and tries to hide it from his friends - unaware they are suffering from the same problem. One by one they make excuses to scratch themselves without the others noticing. But then Sticks joins them and unashamedly admits her problem while noting theirs, and everybody drops their ruses. While the heroes start accusing each other of giving them fleas, Eggman watches nearby, content with how his plan is progressing.

Sonic and crew decide to go to the Male Fennec to buy anti-itch lotion, but the shop owner refuses to let the flea-infested team enter. When it seems that Sonic has convinced the Male Fennec to bring his lotion to them so they can pay for it outside his shop, the Male Fennec instead activates an alarm inside his shop. The Beaver Policeman, Wolf Policeman, and Mayor Fink wearing Hazmat suits arrive and quarantine Team Sonic. It's like a banishment, but more confined - and infinitely more humiliating.

Confined in Tails' House, Team Sonic decides to settle their situation and begin treating themselves, but with little success: Knuckles suffers from severe side effects caused by an anti-flea spray, which include dizziness, nausea, heartburn, and night terrors, and Amy gets humiliated in front of some Gogobas that Mark is touring when wearing a flea collar. Meanwhile, without Team Sonic around to stop them, Eggman and his Badniks are free to tear up the Village and rob the Male Fennec's shop of Choco Num-Num Bars. Confused, Mrs. Vandersnout asks Fink and the policemen why Team Sonic are not there to save them. This leads to Mayor Fink coming to Tails' House with the policemen and rescinding Team Sonic's quarantine so the group can stop Eggman, Although the team is disgruntled about the circumstances, Sonic and Amy note that they are not much help right now, as none of their treatments have gotten rid of the fleas. As Mayor Fink takes his leave, he remarks that if no flea treatment has worked, then what Team Sonic has may not be fleas. This prompts Tails to analyze their fleas. He uses tweezers to pluck a flea out of his fur and puts it under a microscope, where he discovers that the "bugs" are FleaBots. Since they are Eggman robots (which they face regularly), Sonic suggests the team use force to solve the problem. He punches Knuckles in the stomach in an attempt to hit his FleaBots, and pretty soon, all five members are beating each other up, apologizing to one another during the process. Unfortunately the plan is a failure, only taking out two FleaBots. Tails deduces that the FleaBots are remote-controlled, meaning that all they have to do is find their controller to stop them.

After a brief misstop in the Sheep Villager's home, Team Sonic intrudes on Eggman just as he has finished eating his stolen Choco Num-Num Bars. Still itching, Sonic demands that Eggman hands over the FleaBot controller. Instead, Eggman uses it to crank up his FleaBots, causing Team Sonic to itch worse than ever, while he has his Badniks attack them. Though they are distracted by the itching, Team Sonic holds most the Badniks off and even uses them to scratch themselves. Sonic in particular is unable to take the itching anymore, beginning to spin attack all over the place until he hits Eggman, knocking the FleaBot controller out of his hands. Tails then reverses the controller to make Team Sonic's FleaBots leave them and stick to Eggman instead. As Eggman runs around screaming, Amy destroys the controller so Eggman cannot stop his FleaBots and Team Sonic takes their leave, laughing at his misfortune; in the final scene, Eggman is seen in his bathtub while Orbot and Cubot are trying to get the FleaBots off.



  • The shade of Cubot's yellow color scheme differs between his body and gloves.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Les sacs à puces Fleas bags
Italian Pulci, che problema! Fleas, what a problem!
Polish Zagrajmy w pchełki Let's play bubbles
Portuguese (Brazil) Pequeno problema Small problem
Portuguese (Portugal) A Saltitar de Problemas Jumping from Problems
Spanish (Latin America) Problemas que pican Itchy troubles
Ukrainian Втеча від проблем Escape from the problems



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