The Flash Shot is a weapon that appears in Shadow the Hedgehog. A primary weapon used by the Black Arms, this weapon can also be used by Shadow the Hedgehog. It is one of the few gun weapons in Shadow the Hedgehog.


Physical Appearance

Loosely based off of a gun, the Flash Shot is a gray-colored gun with two gun barrels. Being a Black Arms-native weapon, the Flash Shot is an alien weapon. Two crimson-colored Black Arms-native symbols are on top of the gun barrels. The handle of the gun are colored black and gray.


The statistics of the Flash Shot are less than impressive but are not terribly mediocre. It has enough rounds to defeat at least fifteen enemies or less. The Flash Shot has a short range and gives very poor damage to an opponent. The player, who controls Shadow the Hedgehog, can use the Flash Shot twenty times per Flash Shot item used. In other words, if the player picks up one Flash Shot item, he/she can use the weapon only twenty times before it becomes useless. Picking up more Flash Shot items increases the amount of time the player can use the Flash Shot by twenty.

Apperances in Other Media

Archie Comics

SU 59 The Battle

Several Black Warriors using a Flash Shot, from Sonic Universe #59.

The Flash Shot weapons made an appearance in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-off comics published by Archie Comics in Sonic Universe #59. When Team Dark and the Spider Troupe got onboard the New Black Comet, several Black Warriors wielded Flash Shot weapons against them, but were defeated. (SU #59)

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