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Flare is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. She is a resident from the Special Zone and a part of the villainous Fundamental Four.


Flare is made entirely of fire. The flames around her take the form of an extremely long quiff, a short skirt, and long gloves.


Thanks to the Chaotix Crew, Flare and her colleagues from the Fundamental Four were sent to prison. However, they escaped four years later to exact revenge on the Chaotix. The team found the Chaotix's Satellite Base and proceeded to overwhelm the heroes. During the fight, Flare had a brief argument with Hydran when she nearly burned a hole in his body-supporting suit, but she got back on track and helped Squall defeat Espio.[1]

Potamental Four

The Fundamental Four as a pot, from Sonic the Comic #81. Art by Nigel Dobbyn and Steve White.

After forcing the Chaotix (minus Charmy) into a machine meant to liquidize them, Flare looked forward to "taking care of" Charmy. Just before the Fundamental Four could finish the Chaotix off though, Charmy arrived with worker bees from the Hive. As the bees used the abilities of Flare's teammates against them to mix them together, Charmy used high octane fuel on Flare. This caused her to burn out of control, providing enough heat for the bees to fashion the villains into an pot, trapping them. Surviving the experience, Flare was angry over being pottery.[2]

Powers and abilities

Flare has the ability to fly, and can fling fireballs at enemies.[1]


  • Flare's name is a reference to the element she embodies.
  • Out of the Fundamental Four which represent the classical elements of Ancient Greece, Flare represents fire.
  • Just as the Fundamental Four are a parody of the Fantastic Four, Flare appears to be a parody of the Human Torch.
  • When speaking, Flare's speech bubbles always had a squiggly frame.
  • Flare is the only female member of the Fundamental Four.


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