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Chain together multiple double jumps!

— Description, Sonic Jump Fever

The Flame Jump is a power-up that appears in Sonic Jump Fever. It is exclusive to Blaze the Cat. When in use, it allows the user to perform an unlimited number of Double Jumps.


Flame Jump's icon is a fireball of three different colored shades with its flame tips pointing downwards on an angle.


In gameplay, Flame Jump can be obtained at random by breaking TVs. Once in effect, Blaze is surrounded in fire. The player is able to then perform Double Jumps even while launched into the air from another one, essentially allowing the player to jump an unlimited number number of times in succession by continuously tapping on the screen. When performing these jumps, Blaze will twirl into the air, resembling the Axel Tornado from Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure. The effect's duration is represented on-screen as a circular gauge that depletes over time. Flame Jump ends once the gauge depletes or the player falls below the screen. The player can refresh the duration of Flame Jump by collecting additional Flame Jump TVs and extend its base duration by spending Rings to upgrade the user.