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A fissure erupting, from Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice.

Fissures are a phenomenon that appears in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice. They are hazardous, geyser-like elemental tubes[1] in the earth formed as a result of Dr. Eggman's mining operations on Ragna Rock.



Sonic and Amy hitting a fissure.

Fissures are unnatural formations created by the by-products from Dr. Eggman's mining operations on Ragna Rock. When erupting, they emit continuous streams of Fire and Ice energy mixed with Ragnium.[2] These energies are hazardous to the environment, causing abnormal weather patterns. However, they can also be absorbed by devices and harnessed by living beings, granting them fire and ice powers. Fissures' flow can be reversed using the same energies they emit, effectively sealing them up and ceasing the weather instabilities they cause in their area.



Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

When Dr. Eggman began mining for Ragnium on Ragna Rock, he would pipe the messy by-products from his operation through underground tubes to adjacent islands to prevent pressure from building on Ragna Rock and destroying the island, creating fissures that damaged the environment.[1] To keep the fissures open, Eggman assigned his Island Defenders to them, including D-Fekt.[3]


Team Sonic sealing a fissure.

As the fissures began creating weathers so severe that they could doom the world, Team Sonic set out to investigate. Upon finding a fissure, Sonic and Amy's Communicators absorbed its Fire and Ice energy, giving Team Sonic new powers to seal the fissures found during their adventure. With each fissure they sealed though, they would redirect the pressure to other islands, creating new fissures. Eventually, Team Sonic had sealed enough fissures to bring Ragna Rock to the point where it would have exploded had D-Fekt not ruined Eggman's Ragnium mines, thereby quelling the fissures.



A fissure in an adventure level.

In gameplay, fissures serve as the goal point for various adventure levels. Their location on the Adventure Maps in the adventure levels is marked by an orange-blue icon. Upon reaching a fissure, the player has to press WiiDSA and the playable character will close it in their own way, marking the completion of the level and returning the player to the World Map.


  • In adventure levels, the fissures replace the goal teleporters from Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Aside from their appearances, these two goal types work in the same manner.


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