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These soldiers in the Underworld army have been tasked with scouting and monitoring enemies. Despite their reconnaissance role, these enemies can fight back when confronted, as they can fly and shoot special energy bombs from their yellow eyes.

— Description, Sonic and the Black Knight US website

The Fish-One (red) (フィッシュ・ワンズ(赤) Fisshu wanzu (aka)?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are a type of the Knights of the Underworld and a part of the Fish-One variant which are tasked with scouting and monitoring enemies. They specialize in shooting harmful energy balls at foes.

Concept and creation

According to developers notes, the Fish-Ones were designed to look like sea creatures.[1]


The Fish-Ones, as their name implies, resemble large normal fish. They have amaranth skin with a yellow underbelly, wing-like pelvic fins, a pointy dorsal fin and a glowing red orb instead of a tail fin. Their whole body is also covered in red medieval markings. Over their head sections, they have a metal visor with a single eye behind them.


The red Fish-Ones are the most common of the Fish-One variant. They are first encountered in Knight's Passage and can be found in many other areas such as Dragon's Lair, Shrouded Forest, Great Megalith and The Cauldron. Like most other Knights of the Underworld, the Fish-Ones can be defeated with a single, well-aimed sword slash.

The Fish-Ones mostly attack the player by flying stationary in one place and firing their energy bombs at them, thus inflicting damage. In some cases though, they will also try to fly into the player which will inflict damage as well.

Powers and abilities

The Fish-Ones are able to teleport to different locations by emerging from black voids. They are also capable of flight through midair by using their flippers.

As their specialty, the Fish-Ones are able to shoot special and harmful red energy bombs from their eye.


Concept artwork




  1. Sonic Team (March 13, 2009). Sonic and the Black Knight. Nintendo Wii. Gallery. Vault 1. [Enemy 03] "Image of the stranger enemies. They are designed to look like sea creatures."

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