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The Fish-One is an enemy that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. They are a type of the Knights of the Underworld and a part of the Fish-One variant which are tasked with scouting and monitoring enemies. They specialize in firing toxic energy balls at opponents, which will poison the target.

Concept and creation

According to developers notes, the Fish-Ones were designed to look like sea creatures.[1]


The Fish-Ones, as their name implies, resemble large normal fish. They possess indigo-colored skin with lavender underbellies and have wing-like pelvic fins, a pointy dorsal fin and a glowing red orb instead of a tail fin. Their whole body is also covered in glowing purple medieval markings. On their head sections, they also wear a metal visor with a single eye behind them.


The purple Fish-Ones are a rare type of the Fish-Ones and can only be encountered in a few Missions, such as "Special Challenge: Destroy 12 columns" in Great Megalith.

The Fish-Ones have two ways of attacking, the first of which flying stationary in the air where they will shoot energy bombs at the player. If these bombs hit, the playable character will be poisoned and continuously lose Rings for a short while. Blocking the energy bombs with Guard will negate their effect however. Also, equipable items such as Antidote, Superior Antidote and Poison Broach give a certain degree of resistance to the energy bombs. Their other means of attack is fly directly into the player which causes instant damage.

Like most other Knights of the Underworld, the Fish-Ones can be defeated with a single sword slash.

Powers and abilities

The Fish-Ones are able to teleport to different locations by emerging from black voids. They are also capable of flight through midair by using their flippers.

As their specialty, the Fish-Ones can shoot special and toxic purple energy bombs from their eye which will poison those touching them.

In other media

Archie Comics

Fish-Ones from Sonic the Hedgehog #197.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the purple Fish-Ones made an appearance in the comics' adaptation of Sonic and the Black Knight. Like in the game, the Fish-Ones were summoned by King Arthur to corner Merlina. However, they were all destroyed by Sonic the Hedgehog when Merlina summoned him to her location.


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