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|title = Fireworm
|image = [[File:Fireworm art sk manual.png]]
|caption = A Fireworm in ''[[Sonic & Knuckles]]''.
|first = ''[[Sonic & Knuckles]]''
|games =
*''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles]]''
*''[[Sonic Rivals]]'' {{C|collectible card}}
*''[[Sonic Mania]]''
|species = Robot
|color scheme = Blue, yellow, silver
|eye color = Black
|creator = [[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Robotnik]]
|affiliation = [[Eggman Empire]]
|alignment = Evil
|skills =
*Spike protrusion
*Fire generation
{{Nihongo|'''Fireworm'''<ref>''[[Sonic & Knuckles]]'' ([[Sega Mega Drive]]) Japanese instruction manual pg. 32.</ref>|マンバー<ref>''[[Sonic & Knuckles]]'' ([[Sega Genesis]]) United States instruction manual pg. 20.</ref>|Manbā|lit. "Mamba"}} is a recurring enemy in the [[Sonic the Hedgehog series|''Sonic the Hedgehog'' series]]. It is a mass-produced, worm-based [[Badnik]] model created by [[Doctor Eggman|Dr. Robotnik]].
Despite their name, Fireworms resemble more [[Wikipedia:caterpillar|caterpillars]] than [[Wikipedia:Worm|worms]]. The have five body segments, each with a pair of spikes on the lower sides and a hatch that spits flames on top. Their head segment has a pair of black eyes and four spikes around where their mouth would be.
==Game appearances==
===''Sonic & Knuckles''===
In ''[[Sonic & Knuckles]]'' and its lock-on expansion ''[[Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles]]'', Fireworms are encountered in the tunnel sections of [[Lava Reef Zone]]. Usually found either by themselves or in groups, Fireworms will burst out of the walls and start floating back and forth, descending when turning left and ascending when turning right. While moving, their backs spew fire.
Since the Fireworms' backflames and belly spikes will inflict damage on the player should they attack their bodies from above or below. the player must attack the Fireworms' head with a [[Spin Jump]] to defeat them. However, Fireworms are some of the few Badniks that will respawn after being destroyed if the player wanders far enough away for their spawning point to get off-screen.
===''Sonic Rivals''===
In ''[[Sonic Rivals]]'', the Fireworm appears as an collectible card.
===''Sonic Mania''===
In ''[[Sonic Mania]]'', the Fireworms appear as enemies in [[Lava Reef Zone (Sonic Mania)|Lava Reef Zone]].
==See also==
*[[Caterkiller Jr.]]
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{{Mania info}}
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[[Category:Sonic Mania enemies]]

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