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The Firework[1] (ロケット花火 Rokketo Hanabi?, lit. "Rocket Firework") is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a Pickup item used to temporarily stun a racer from a distance.


The Firework has an arrow-shaped head which is mostly red with white stripes covering it, while the left of its body is red with a white star.


By comparison, the Fireworks is an effective Pickup items in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. When using it, the Firework will be launched with a firework noise. If the Firework hits a barrier, it will bounce off it until it disappears. If it hits a racer though, the racer will be stunned for a short time with firework effects surrounding them.

In gameplay, the Firework can be launched from the front or back of the racer's cart, though in both cases, there is a slight delay between when being fired and after being fired. Furthermore, the Firework requires precision when being fired, as it can easily bounce back at the users and stun them. Also, if the player fires it while jumping over a pit, the Firework will fly straight ahead rather than positioning itself with the course.

In gameplay, the player can obtain one Firework from a Pickup item or the Bonus Chance, and three Fireworks from the Super Pickup items. In the latter case, the player can fire all three Fireworks at once by holding the Weapon button, though they will do no more damage collectively than a single Firework. To launch a Firework backward, hold down the control stick back and press the Weapon button. To launch a Firework forward, simply press the Weapon button.

It should be noted that CPU racers on higher difficulties can fire Fireworks from practically any angle, be it sideways or diagonally.



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