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Sonic Boom
Fire in a Crowded Workshop (Transcript)

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This is a transcript from the Sonic Boom episode, "Fire in a Crowded Workshop".

[Scene: Tails' Workshop, daytime, present.]

[Tails' Workshop smokes. Tails runs into his workshop and sees Sonic, Amy, Perci, and Knuckles covered in soot]
Tails: What happened here?!
Sonic: Can you be more specific? [a plank of wood falls over and a sock drops] Oh, the mess. Funny story, it all began at Meh Burger...

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, daytime, flashback.]

[Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy are at a table eating.]
Sonic: [bites his burger] Adequate burgers today.
Knuckles: Yeah, you can barely taste the shredded newspaper.
Amy: [Bites her burger, then lifts the top in disgust] Ugh, I said "No Mayonnaise"! [Gets up, flips over the table, pulled out her hammer, and then smashes another table] Oh, come on.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, present.]

Amy: I don't act like that.
Sonic: Hey, who's telling this story?! So, where was I? Oh, yeah. [Continuing] We were so embarrassed by Amy's uncouth behavior, that we left Meh Burger.

[Scene Change: Outside the Village, flashback.]

[Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy are walking, Amy is still mad. Sonic sees Perci sitting on a boulder not far from a broken bicycle. Sonic dashes to her.]
Sonic: Everything ok, miss?
Perci: Are you...
Sonic: [responds] Yep, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. Fastest hero in the World, purveyor of justice, righter of wrongs, eater of chili dogs.
Perci: [squeals, then turns around] [to herself] Calm down, Perci. It's just all your dreams coming true. [turns back around] I'm so sorry.
Sonic: Don't worry, I'm used to it. Just breathe slowly and tell Uncle Sonic what happened.
Amy: Clearly, she fell off her bike and hurt her arm.
Sonic: Oh, Amy. Don't be jealous because I'm paying attention to another.
Amy: [growls]
Sonic: [to Perci] Don't mind her, she kinda has a thing for me.
Perci: Who wouldn't?
Sonic: Exactly. Now let's see what we can do about that bicycle. [walks over to Knuckles] Knuckles, bring it over here. [Knuckles walks off and comes back with a boulder] That's a boulder. I said bicycle, but I'm not angry because I know that you're a simpleton.
Knuckles: Thank you, Mr. Sonic. [throws the boulder away and walks off]
Amy: Oh my, Perci. You've been injured. I know what to do about that. Lecture you on bicycle safety. First: never ride a bi-
Sonic: [cutting Amy off] Amy, what Perci really needs is a splint for her arm.
Perci: Wow. You sure know how to take charge of every situation.
[Sonic winks.]
Amy: And, voila!
[Sonic notices Perci's arm is in a mechanical sling and nods in disapproval as Knuckles walks up to Sonic.]
Knuckles: I couldn't find a bicycle, but maybe one of us could ride this to get one. [Holds up Perci's bicycle and throws it in the mud, splashing Amy and Perci] Sorry about your scarf. I should've known I'd mess it up. I always do when I'm not under Sonic's direct supervision.
[Sonic walks over to Perci's bicycle.]
Sonic: Huh. As a man I could fix this with my bare hands. However, it would be quicker with the proper tools. To Tails' workshop!
[The four head over to Tails' workshop just before Sticks pops up.]
Sticks: Hey! Watch out for that robot! I'll bet she's a spy! Broadcasting our secrets to her mechanical overlords! You know, the ones that make the microwaves blink 12:00! Even though you just set it yesterday! [runs off screaming]
Sonic: [to Perci] Don't pay attention to her. She's actually very nice.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, flashback.]

[Sonic opens the door.]
Sonic: Tails? I guess he isn't here. No matter. I'll heroically repair this bike with only my bare hands! [picks up Tails' welding laser] And a welding laser. Amy, you tend to poor Perci's injury.
Amy: Mmm hmm.
Sonic: Knuckles, You clean the scarf that you so carelessly ruined.
[Sonic puts the bike on the table and starts to fix it. Amy puts a heating pad on Perci's arm and Knuckles looks for a place to dry the scarf, such as a drying rack, blow dryer, drying machine, and lab kiln.]
Knuckles: Tails' industrial-strength lab kiln seems like a perfect place to dry a frilly, delicate scarf. [puts it in the lab kiln, closes the door, and turns it on]
Amy: This heating pad isn't enough. [to Knuckles] Knuckles, get Perci a pillow.
Knuckles: You're not the boss of me! Sonic is!
Amy: But I'm bossy and overbearing and I need everyone to do as I say to compensate for my own insecurity!
[Knuckles angrily throws the pillow at Amy.]
Amy: Don't throw it at me! Hand it to me NICELY!
[Amy throws the pillow back at Knuckles which exchanges in a pillow fight with the pillow ending up in Perci's face.]
Sonic: Kids! Behave yourselves! This is why we can't have nice things!
[Sonic smells smoke and a fire starts as Amy and Knuckles do a tug of war for the pillow. Sonic puts out the fire using his speed to quickly fill a bucket with water and splash it on the fire over and over. Sonic poses heroically while Perci stares at him lovestruck and blushes.]
Sonic: [voiceover] So I stepped into action, Sonic style...

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, present.]

Sonic: And put out the fire! Which must've been caused by Knuckles putting that scarf in the kiln.
Knuckles: That's not what happened. I'll tell you the real story.

[Scene Change: Knuckles' ship at night, flashback.]

[Knuckles fantasizes himself as a ship captain wearing a blue coat and cap steering a wooden ship at night with the wind blowing through his hair.]
Knuckles: It's been days since I last laid me eyes upon the elusive white whale.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, present.]

Tails: Knuckles, we're talking about what happened to my workshop.
Knuckles: I'm getting there. So, the white whale had just trashed Meh Burger.
Amy: Wait. I'm the white whale?
Knuckles: SHUSH! We were heading back home when we came across Perci. As usual, Sonic made a fool of himself.

[Scene Change: Outside the Village, flashback.]

[Sonic dashed to Perci sitting on a boulder and a broken bicycle.]
Sonic: Hi. I'm Sonic the Hedgehog.
Perci: Never heard of you. [notices Knuckles walking up to them still in his blue naval cap. The wind blows through his dreadlocks] But who's your friend? [walks over to Knuckles pushing Sonic aside.]
Knuckles: I'm just a humble echidna. Which is why I won't brag about my boyish charm, unimaginable strength, and ability to think real good. You know, smartnesswise.
[Sonic struggles to pick up Perci's broken bicycle, just before Knuckles picks it up over his head using only one arm.]
Sonic: Wha?!
Perci: Wow. Muscles and brain smartness.
Knuckles: I know. [Sonic falls] Medic! Splint up this pretty lady's arm!
Amy: I hope I can live up to your expectations, Captain Knuckles. [puts the splint on her leg instead of her arm.]
Knuckles: Oh ho, Amy. You forgotten what an arm is. This is an arm. [flexes his left arm.]
Perci: Wow. You are the whole package.
Knuckles: And here's the gift-wrapping. [starts flexing his arms. Amy sighs dreamily.]
[Sonic flexes his arms too and ends up leaning on Perci's broken bicycle, causing it to fall in the mud, splashing Amy and Perci. Sonic gasps.]
Knuckles: SONIC! You clumsy oaf! Perpetual second banana! Look what you've done! [to Perci] Come, my lady! We must go to Casa Del Tails to repair your bicicleta before Sonic does any further damage.
[Knuckles takes Perci's arm leaving Amy angry and the four head over to Tails' workshop with Sonic behind them.]
Sonic: [whiny voice] Come on, guys! Wait for meeeeeee!
[The four keep walking just before Sticks pops up.]
Sticks: Hey! Be careful of that alien! She'll abduct our livestock, phone home from our houses, and turn us all into pie people! She's...a goodful! A goodful! [runs off screaming.]
Knuckles: [to Perci] Don't pay attention to her. She's actually very nice.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, flashback.]

[Sonic fixes the bike with a wielding laser and suddenly burns his finger. He screams in pain and starts blowing on it]
Knuckles: Sonic! Can't you do anything right? [to Perci] Your scarf will look brand new. But it'll never look as lovely as its owner.
[Perci blushes. Knuckles puts the scarf in the kiln. Meanwhile, Amy struggles with a heating pad.]
Amy: How does this heating pad work? Mmm. [throws the heating pad on a pile of newspapers]
Knuckles: A pillow for my maiden fan?
Amy: Hey, I'm the medic! I'll give her the pillow!
Sonic: I want to give her the pillow so I could be more like my hero Knuckles!
[Sonic and Amy fight over the pillow when suddenly a fire starts. Sonic jumps in Amy's arms scared. Knuckes uses his ice breath to put the fire out. Perci leans against his arm.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, present.]

Knuckles: So I put out the fire using my ice breath. Probably started when Amy threw the heating pad on those old newspapers. She's not very brainsmart.
Amy: That's not how it went at all! I'll tell you what really happened. We ALL agreed the service at Meh Burger was terrible, so we left. And that's when we ran into Perci, with her little damsel in distress act.

[Scene Change: Outside the Village, flashback.]

[Perci is sitting on a boulder, not far from a broken bicycle.]
Perci: [Southern Belle accent] I've seem to have fallen from my bicycle and injured my little old arm. If only there was some heroic gentleman who would rescue poor little me.
[Sonic and Knuckles stare at Perci all lovey-dovey and chuckling.]
Sonic: You're pretty.
Perci: [Southern Belle accent] Would one of you handsome young men kindly retrieve my bicycle?
[Sonic and Knuckles giddily run over to do so. Amy crosses her arms, unimpressed. Sonic and Knuckles are fighting over the pieces of the bicycle, when they suddenly fall over. The pieces of the bicycle fall into the mud, splashing it over Perci's scarf.]
Amy: [voiceover] Even with my friends under the spell of a wicked siren, I selflessly administered medical care to the foul temptress.
Amy: Oh, you poor sweet thing! Allow me to tend to your wounds. [binds Perci's arm in a sling, which sparkles] Now, let's see to your bicycle. I know where to get it fixed!
[The four of them walk towards Tails' workshop, with Knuckles carrying the bicycle pieces. Sticks suddenly runs up]
Sticks: Watch out for that government agent! It starts with jury duty, and zoning ordinances, and before you know it, BOOM! Our tax dollars are benefiting others! And not us!
Amy: Don't pay attention to her. She's actually very nice.
[Sticks runs away screaming]

[Scene Change: Tails Workshop, flashback.]

Amy: [holding Perci's scarf] Sweetie, you rest here. I'll get a heating pad to make you more comfortable. Knuckles, will you please clean this scarf? [Knuckles reaches in and grabs the scarf] And Sonic...
Sonic: [Stands at attention]
Amy: ...Maybe it'd be best to just wait for Tails.
Sonic: No way! I can totally fix this! [darts over to Perci] Watch this, babe.
[Sonic runs back over to the bike, and picks up a welding mask and laser. He puts on the mask, but drops the laser]
Sonic: Ahh...
Perci: [Southern Belle accent] My poor little arm is achin' so. If only I had a cushion on which to rest it.
[Knuckles, who is washing Perci's scarf in the background, runs to get a pillow. Sonic looks up from his welding, seeing this, and drops the still-active laser and runs over and fights with Knuckles over the pillow.]
Sonic: Let me give it to her!
Knuckles: She wants me to give it to her!
[Smoke rises, followed by flames. Sonic and Knuckles see this, drop the pillow, and panic. Amy grabs a fire extinguisher and puts out the fire.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, present.]

Amy: As the only mature one in the room, I extinguished the fire, which started because Sonic forgot to turn off his welding laser.
Sonic: You're making that up!
Amy: You were reckless with your tools!
Sonic: Who puts a scarf in a kiln?!
Knuckles: I can't help being attractive! It's a blessing and a curse!
Perci: Enough! You'd think with three stories, one of you would get it right. Now let me tell you how it really happened.

[Scene Change: Outside the Village, flashback.]

[Perci is sitting on the boulder, not far from her broken bicycle.]
Perci: [voiceover] I had a minor accident with my bicycle, when...
[Sonic sees Perci and runs over]
Sonic: Hi, I'm Sonic the Hedgehog. Hero extraordinaire.
Perci: You don't happen to have a wrench or some tools I can use to fix my bike?
Knuckles: No, but maybe I can interest you in some [flexes] "gift-wrapping"?
Perci: That's okay.
Sonic: Don't worry. I can fix your bike. [runs to it]
Knuckles: No, I will! [follows]
Amy: You're just loving this, aren't you? Having men fight over you? A modern woman can take care of herself.
Perci: I can take care of myself, but like I said, I don't have any tools. And I hurt my arm.
Amy: I suppose you need me to bandage that up for you.
Perci: Nah, just a bruise.
[Amy growls, but wraps Perci's arm in a sling. Sonic and Knuckles are fighting over the pieces of the bike, when they suddenly fall. The bike pieces drop into the mud, splashing it over Perci.]
Perci: Look, I need to get moving. Do you know where I can find some tools?
[As the group walks towards Tails' Workshop, Sticks runs up with a yell]
Perci: Nice to meet you.
[Sticks runs away screaming. Sonic, Knuckles and Amy hold each other in the background, shaking.]
Perci: She seems nice.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, Flashback.]

[Perci is about to use the welding laser to fix her bike, but Sonic cuts in.]
Sonic: Allow me. You just sit back and relax, while Sonic saves the day.
Perci: Okay. I'll just wash my scarf.
Knuckles: [grabs the scarf] Please. The honor is all mine. [starts washing it]
Perci: Well then, I'll just rest my arm.
Amy: All right, all right. I'll get you a heating pad. Talk about a drama queen.
Knuckles: [puts Perci's scarf in the kiln] Would you like a pillow?
Sonic: [looks up from his welding] No! I'll give Perci a pillow! [runs over, dropping the welding laser, which ignites]
Amy: Oh, now the princess wants a pillow. [tosses the heating pad onto a pile of newspapers]
[Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles fight over the pillow. Smoke and flames rise around them. The image suddenly fades to a sepia tone as Tails interjects]
Tails: [voiceover] Hold it!

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, present.]

Tails: How did you guys get in here in the first place?
Perci: We just walked in.
Tails: And there weren't lasers or cages or anything like that?
Sonic: Nope. Just a popping sound and some electrical buzzing.
Tails: [sighs] I know what happened. My new defense system must have short-circuited. Which means I'm the one responsible for the fire.
Knuckles: Classic Tails. So irresponsible. Guess we're off the hook.
Amy: Who's up for Meh Burger?
[Amy, Sonic and Knuckles leave. Tails shrugs as Perci. A bit later, Tails is using the welding laser to repair Perci's bicycle]
Perci: I like a guy who's handy.
[Tails lifts the welding mask and blushes as the episode ends]