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Sonic Boom
Fire in a Crowded Workshop

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"Fire in a Crowded Workshop" is the forty-third episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 30 August 2015 in France and on 12 September 2015 in the United States.


When Tails' workshop is destroyed by a fire, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Perci each have conflicting versions of how it happened.



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The episode begins with Tails running into his smoking workshop, finding Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and a bandicoot girl named Perci charred but uninjured while everything else is fire damaged. Sonic explains to Tails that he, Amy, and Knuckles had left Meh Burger after Amy threw a violent fit over Dave getting her order wrong (which she denies) and ran into Perci, who had broken her bicycle and hurt her arm. Sonic portrays himself as suave and heroic, Perci acts like a lovestruck fangirl and instantly becomes smitten with him, Knuckles is a clumsy oaf who idolizes Sonic and drops Perci's bicycle in the mud, staining her scarf, and Amy acts bossy and unsympathetic toward Perci due to jealousy of Sonic paying attention to her. Sonic then decides they should go to Tails’ workshop to fix Perci’s bike. Sticks runs up, babbles a crazy theory when she sees Perci, and runs away screaming, and Sonic tells Perci not to mind Sticks and that Sticks is actually very nice. At the shop, Sonic attempts to weld the bicycle back together, while Knuckles cleans the scarf and Amy tends to Perci's injury. Knuckles dries the scarf in a kiln and he and Amy begin arguing over who will give Perci a pillow. While Knuckles and Amy argue, the heater causes the fire, which Sonic extinguishes by using his speed to quickly fill a bucket with water and splash the fire over and over.

Knuckles disagrees with Sonic's version of the story and tells his own, describing himself as a smart, heroic sea captain and Sonic as the clumsy oaf who idolizes Knuckles. Knuckles takes charge and helps Perci, who becomes enamored with Knuckles while ignoring Sonic. Sonic drops Perci's bicycle before Knuckles suggests they go to the workshop to fix it, with Sonic being too slow to keep up with them. Sticks runs up, babbles a different crazy theory, and runs away screaming. Knuckles tells Perci not to mind Sticks and that Sticks is actually very nice. As they work, Amy carelessly leaves a heating pad on the newspaper as she and Sonic fight over getting Perci a pillow. The heating pad causes the fire and Knuckles puts it out with ice breath.

Amy also denies this version and tells her own take on it. In her version, she acts smart, mature, and caring, trying to assist Perci while Sonic and Knuckles act like love-struck fools around Perci, who Amy portrays as a lazy temptress with a southern accent who uses her looks to seduce men into waiting on her. Amy leads them to Tails' workshop. Sticks runs up and babbles a different crazy theory. Amy tells Sticks not to mind Perci, says that Perci is actually very nice, and Sticks runs away screaming. At the workshop, Sonic and Knuckles fight over the pillow, the fire is caused by Sonic carelessly leaving a welding laser unattended and Amy puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher.

Sonic disagrees with Amy’s story and he, Amy, and Knuckles begin arguing. An aggravated Perci gets fed up with the three of them and says that none of them are telling the truth. Perci then tells her own version of events. Perci had a minor accident with her bike, when Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy showed up and saw her. Sonic suavely introduces himself and Knuckles hits on Perci, making her uncomfortable. Sonic and Knuckles then compete over who gets to fix Perci’s bike, causing Amy to become jealous and assume that Perci is enjoying having the boys fight over her. Amy snarks at Perci, saying that a modern woman takes care of herself, to which Perci replies she can take care of herself and would fix her bike herself if she had the proper tools and her arm wasn’t hurt. The four head to Tails’ workshop. Sticks runs up and Perci says “Hi”, causing Sticks to run away screaming for no reason. Perci then says that Sticks seems nice. At the workshop, the fire is caused by all three of the previous explanations while the three fought over the pillow.

At this point, Tails asks how they got in his workshop as he had installed a new laser security system that should have gone off. Sonic explains they only heard a few pops and buzzing noises, which Tails deduces was a malfunction in the security system that caused the fire. Now guilt-free, Sonic, Amy, and Knuckles leave to get some food at Meh Burger. Tails then begins fixing Perci’s bike with a welding laser, and Perci flirts with Tails, impressed by his handiwork, causing him to blush.


  • When Perci puts down her bike in Tails' Workshop in her flashback, she is wearing her scarf. When the scene switches perspective however, she is no longer wearing her scarf.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Tulipalo Tailsin pajalla Fire in Tails' workshop
French Question de points de vue Questions of Points of View
German Feuer in einer Überfüllten Werkstatt Fire in a Crowded Workshop
Hungarian Tűz a műhelyben Fire in the workshop
Italian Fuoco nell'officina Fire in the workshop
Japanese 火事の原因は? What Caused the Fire?
Korean 작업실에서 무슨 일이? What Happened in the Workshop?
Persian یه آتش‌سوزی در کارگاه تیلز A Fire in Tails Workshop
Polish Pożar w warsztacie Fire in the workshop
Portuguese (Brazil) Ponto de Vista Viewpoint
Portuguese (Portugal) Incêndio Numa Oficina a Abarrotar Fire in a Crowded Workshop
Romanian Foc într-un atelier aglumerat Fire in a crowded workshop
Russian Виновник пожара Fire culprit
Spanish (Latin America) Incendio en el Taller Fire in the Workshop
Ukrainian Пожежа у залюдненій майстерні Fire in a Crowded Workshop


  • The title of this episode is derived from the popular speech metaphor "shouting fire in a crowded theater."
  • This is the second episode in the Sonic Boom television series where Eggman does not make a physical appearance.
  • Knuckles' rendition of events has a reference to Herman Melville's Moby-Dick.
  • Sticks makes multiple references to works of science fiction, including E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and The Twilight Zone.
  • This episode aired in France as the forty-second episode in the series.
  • This is the second episode with the Psycho theme soundalike.
  • In this episode, it is revealed that Amy does not like mayonnaise.


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