Fire Combination, referred to as Fighting Pose in the English version of the game manual, is a Power Formation maneuver used by Team Sonic, Team Dark, Team Rose and Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. It is a fighting stance that the Power type character from each team (Knuckles the Echidna, E-123 Omega, Big the Cat and Vector the Crocodile) assumes for performing combo attacks with his teammates.


When performing Fire Combination, the Power type member of the team grabs his Speed type and Fly type teammates and carries them around, prepared to use them as boxing gloves or projectiles. Each team's Power type member carries his teammates around in a different manner:

  • Team Sonic: Knuckles grabs Sonic and Tails with his hands as they both curl into spinball form. Once grabbed, Knuckles carries one team member on each fist while Sonic and Tails continuously perform the Spin Attack.
  • Team Dark: Omega grabs Shadow and Rouge with his metal claws as they both curl into spinball form. Once grabbed, Omega retracts his hands into his arms so Shadow and Rouge, who are continuously performing the Spin Attack, rest in each of his wrist sockets.
  • Team Rose: Big grabs Amy and Cream with his Fishing Rod as they both curl into spinball form. Once grabbed, Amy and Cream sit on each of Big's shoulders while he walks around.
  • Team Chaotix: Vector grabs Espio and Charmy with his large mouth as they both curl into spinball form. Once grabbed, Vector holds both Espio and Charmy, who are continuously performing the Spin Attack, between his jaws and carries them along.

In gameplay, while in Fire Combination, Team Sonic and Team Dark can execute the Forward Power Attack and its following combos, while Team Chaotix and Team Rose can skip directly to their Remote Power Attack. When the Power type character is using Fire Combination, he is able to move around freely while carrying his teammates. In addition, he is able to withstand an instance of damage from an enemy without losing Rings or an active Shield. However, he will get knocked back and the Fire Combination will be disassembled.

To enter Fire Combination in gameplay, the selected team must be in Power Formation and have at least one other teammate present or the move will fail. The player then has to press the attack button (XboxX.png/PSSquareButton.png/SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png) to activate the Fire Combination. To manually break Fire Combination, the player must either launch the gathered teammates with the Fire Dunk/Omega Arm/Jump Fire Knock/Jump Fireball, press the jump button (XboxA.png/PSXButton.png), or use the user's Wide Power Attack.


  • Big's Fire Combination is the only one which does not hold teammates in a spinball position.



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