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— The Egg Dragoon preparing its Fire Beam attack.

Fire Beam[1] is a move that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is an attack used by the Egg Dragoon where it launches a network of fire beams around the area.


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The Egg Dragoon's Fire Beam attack during the "Separation Attack" combo.

The Fire Beam is created from the cannon on the Egg Dragoon's left arm. Due to its unique design, the cannon can divide into six smaller pipe-like cannons. When performing the Fire Beam, the cannon splits and blasts a fiery beam from each of its smaller cannons. By rotating the main cannon, the Egg Dragoon can do a 360° attack where each beams sweeps over a wide area.

In gameplay, the Fire Beam is used during the Egg Dragoon boss battle. It is initiated right after the Ice Wave and will be performed for a short while before switching to the Ice Wave and repeating the cycle. It should be noted when the beams hit the ground, they will travel along the surface rather than being interrupted. The Fire Beam is an attack that the Egg Dragoon only uses in 3D perspective, so should the Egg Dragoon enter a 2.5D section, the attack will be canceled.

When the Egg Dragoon is heavily damaged, it resorts to the "Separation Attack" combo. During this combo, the top part of the mech's body launches an extended version of the Fire Beam attack while the lower part launches periodical Ice Waves, making this combo highly difficult to dodge.

To avoid touching the Fire Beam attack, the player must make great use of the Boost and Spin Jumps respectively. This way, the player can keep up with the Egg Dragoon's movements.


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